Chandra Nandini 16th October 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

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The serial starts with the scene when the vaidya is coming to check out Nandini and even though Chandra is also there. Nandini is making excuses because she is getting scared to see the needle. She says to Chandra that I am completely fine and that’s why she doesn’t want any treatment. Chandra starts to divert Nandini’s mind from the needle and starts to talk to her about her nose. Here Vaidya is taking Nandini blood sample easily but when Nandini comes to know about this, Vaidya has completed her work. Nandini says to the Vaidya that you can also check out Maharaj because he is also having a headache. Chandra says that he is fine and no need of any kind of treatment. He says to Nandini that let me drop you at your room. Here Helena is seeing everything and decides to change Nandini’ blood sample otherwise Vaidya will catch that someone has added a poison in Nandini’s food every day.

Chandra Nandini 16th October 2017 Written Update:

Chitra is coming to talk to Bhadra and tell him that I don’t know why is he behaving like this to Dharma. He was behaving so wrong and bad with her in front of people. Even nobody has stopped him in the Sabha and even though nobody said anything to him. So you please talk to Bindusaar because this is wrong. Bhadra says that I will talk to Bindusaar because to go from Magadh. Chitra is getting shocked and asks him that where are we going from Magadh? Bhadra says that we will be going to our Rajya because our father needs us. Chitra says that I know you are hiding something from me. Bhadra says that mamaji wants that I have to go from here. Chitra says that I can’t believe on this. Bhadra says that today mamaji was doing a very bad behavior and that’s why I am shocked to see this.

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Now the Chandra is coming out from his room and suddenly, Bheemdev’s soul is coming in Chandra. He is getting changed completely. Suddenly, one of the daasi is passing through the area. He calls that Daasi in his room whereas he starts to kiss her. Daasi shouts and says that my husband is waiting for me. So please let me go from here. Then the possessed Chandra catches her and then kills her in his anger. Suddenly, he thinks that if someone is coming here and sees this Daasi then everything will be getting ruined.

Here Dharma is changing her clothes. Suddenly, the Bindusaar is coming there. Dharma shouts and says him that she is changing her clothes. Why is he coming here without any message? Bindusaar says that this is my room and that’s why I am able to come here at any time. Dharma says that I am your wife and whatever you told that you will give me a lot of pain then it doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want. You have accepted me as your wife by giving this manglasutra and sindoor. So now you have to lift me to the mata rani’s temple at any cost.

Chandra Nandini 16th October 2017 Written Episode:

Here Helena is coming in Vaidya’s room and start to change Nandini’s blood sample. Suddenly, the Vaidya is coming there and asks Helena that Mukhya Maharani, you are here? You need something. Helena says that I am having a headache. So please do my treatment. Here Mohini is coming to Chandra’s room and then starts to scold him very badly. She says that I already told you to control your feelings. Then why are you doing all of this? This time, you have killed her and now what will we do?

Possessed Chandra says that I want your help now and you have to do something to save me from this crime. Chandra shouts at her and says that you have no one to shout at me. If you become over smart then I will kill you also. Mohini hugs Chandra. This time, Bheemdev’s soul is present in Chandra’s body. Chitra is coming to talk to Nandini and informs her that mamaji scold Bhadra very badly. Even though he told Bhadra to leave this mahal.

 So that he can also do the romance with Mohini. Nandini comes there and then sees them. She gets shocked very badly. Later Bheemdev folded his hands in front of Chandra and then makes a request to him please leaves his wife Mohini because he already snatched his Savitri from him. Nandini is getting angry to hear all of this.

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