Chandra Nandini 17th Februray 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 17th February 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Helena is coming there and catches Nandini’s hand very badly. She says to Nandini that why are you enjoying here like this? Nandini asks what are you saying? Helena says don’t you show your fake nature to me, I know who are you? Actually, Helena is assuming Nandini as Roopa. But she is not Roopa. Chandra comes there and scolds Helena very badly. Helena says I was just doing a joke. Chandra scolds her very badly and says that I saw everything.

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After this, Chandra and Nandini are going back to the mahal. But in between their way, Chandra stops his Chariot and comes down side. Nandini asks what happened? Chandra says this is my childhood playing area where he was playing with his friends. He added that Durdhra is my wife but she is childhood friend too. So that’s why she understands me like this. Nandini asks why are you sharing all this with me. Suddenly, Chandra’s childhood friends are coming there. Chandra hugs them and calls them at Mahal where he will give good designation to them.

Durdhra is coming in Helena’s room to deliver one gift send by someone. She calls Durdhraa and but she is not present in her room. She thinks that she have to run away from here. But then she sees Helena’s dress. She tries to wear this and try to act like Helena. Suddenly, Helena is coming there and asks Durdhra that what are you doing this with my dress. Durdhra is getting scared and then runs away from there.

Chandra Nandini 17th February 2017 Written Update:

Here Amatya says to Nand that I find out one information and that is, Chanakya is having a family in which he is having a daughter and a wife too. Nand is getting so happy and says that we have to kidnap Chanakya’s daughter because every daughter is beloved to her father. Here Chandra is beating Chatrasaal very badly. Chanakya comes there and stops Chandra from beating him because they have to find out Nand and he is the only one who will give some information.

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Here Roopa is thinking about Chandra and Nandini. Suddenly, Badi Maa, Helena, and Helena’s mother are coming there to meet Roopa. Badi Maa says that why didn’t you do your work? Roopa says that what can I do? I tried hard but if it didn’t complete then what is the big problem. Helena and Roopa are fighting with each other. Badi maa scolds them and says them to understand the situation first. Here a lizard is coming on Nandini’s hand and that’s why she calls anybody for the help. Chandra is coming there and gets scared to see a lizard on Nandini’s hand. He runs and Nandini is also running behind him.

Chandra Nandini 17th February 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, a lizard is coming is jumping away from Nandini’s hand. Chandra says that you were looking very funny when Lizard was sitting on your hand. Suddenly, Dadi calls Nandini and she falls down on Chandra. Dadi feels shy and turns around. She is getting shocked to see all this. She says that Chanakya is calling all people in the mahal.  After some time, all people are going there on Chanakya’s call where Nandini is greeting by becoming as Mukhya Maharani. Even she get her favorite seat near to Chandra. Chanakya is saying everything about Mukhya Maharani’s rights like Mukhya Maharni won’t leave this mahal and even Maharaj won’t marry anyone without Nandini’s permission.

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