Chandra Nandini 18th April 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

Chandra Nandini 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Chandra Nandini. Spoilers & latest news/Update on

The show starts with the scene in which Chandra says to Helena that I learned that all women are having equal respect. So that I am not ready to hear any wrong against Nandini. Even though I know very well that Nandini have killed my best friend but now he takes care of my son too. Helena says to Chandra that I took you wrong and that was my mistake. So please let me forgive because I am feeling so bad.

Here Gautami is talking to Nandini about Chandra. Nandini is crying a lot and says to Gautami that I felt so bad when Chandra look at my angrily and he blamed me every time about for Durdhra’s death. But I know and my god knows very well that I never think to kill anyone. So that I didn’t kill Durdhra that time. Gautami says that I know you love him a lot and you want to become one with him. Even you want to live with Chandra. Nandini cries and says that I don’t want to live with him because he never trusts me.

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Chandra Nandini 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update:

After some time, a man is coming to meet Nandini and Gautami. He is that man who played a role of Nandini’s husband. He says to Gautami that I am a very good actor and that’s why I am always ready to play any role. Today I felt good to play that role. Gautami says that yes I told exactly right. Here Chandra is coming outside to see Nandini. But in between, he sees that man who was with Nandini in the marriage. He thinks he is Nandini’s husband but why is he drinking a lot. He thinks that Nandini married a wrong man who drinks a lot to forget his responsibilities.

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Suddenly, a woman is coming there with a baby and calls that man just like her husband. She says to him that I and your baby are waiting for you at home. But you are drinking here. What is this? Chandra catches that man and asks what is this? What is going on here? That man and his wife say sorry to Chandra Gupta Maharaj. His wife folded her hands in front of Chandra and says that please forgive my husband because he didn’t do anything wrong. Chandra shouts and says that I want to talk to your husband only. So you just get aside. She stands another side. Chandra asks who are you? He replies that Chandrika gave me sone gold coins and that’s why I played a role of her husband. Even though this baby is mine and she is my wife. Chandrika told me to play a role of her husband for some time. Chandra gets shocked very badly.

Chandra Nandini 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Helena’s mother is using some royal stamps and writes one letter. Suddenly, Chanakya ji is coming there and asks her that he wants to read this letter. Helena’s mother says that you don’t worry, you have to read this letter. Chanakya reads out the letter and says that you have no right to use this stamp in without to take permission from Chandra and Helena. She replies as you told me like I am Helena’s mother then let me tell you that Helena handover this royal stamp to me. So that I am using these stamps in her absence. Here Malaiketu is going back to meet Nand.

He shouts at Malaiketu and says that I am getting so much shocked to see you here because I already told you if you can’t do my work then you have no need to come in front of me. Malaiketu informs Nand about Gautami and her baby. Nand gets shocked very badly. Here a sainik is coming to call Chandrika in the mahal. Nandini asks why? He replies that Bindusara needs you because his health is not good. Nandini asks Chandra Gupta Maharaj called me there.

He says no, Kaling Maharaj called you there. Nandini says sorry for this and she don’t go there. Helena says to Nandini that if you want then you have to come with us to Magad as Bindusara’s nanny. Nandini comes back to her home where she tells everything to Gautami. She asks Nandini that why have you accepted her proposal. Nandini replies that Bindusara is my son and I have to go there to carry out my responsibilities.

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