Chandra Nandini 19th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 19th January 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Helena is saying to her mother that I know I love Chandra but it doesn’t mean that I will change my rules and regulations for my life. Her mother replies that ok you will eat food but you will show that you are hungry and keeping a fast only. Durdhra is hearing everything and hen gets scared to think that if Helena will break the fast then her Chandra will get affect by this.

After some time, when a sevika is coming to Helena’s room with food. Durdhra asks whose food is this? She replies that I am bringing this food for Helena. Durdhra says I have to add one medicine in this milk because Helena told me. Sevika says ok you will bring medicine here and I am waiting for you here. Durdhra adds a medicine in the milk and this medicine is containing a sleeping pills. Durdhra thinks that Helena will wake up tomorrow and due to this, she will keep her fast without to break it. She smiles and comes from there.

Nandini gets up and then asks Chandra why is he not sleeping yet? What was he doing a whole night? Chandra says that I  was seeing some enjoyable phases on your face whole night, so that I didn’t sleep and got enjoyed all the night. Nandini says wow, I am here for your enjoyment only. Right? He says yes. Even we both are making a fun here.

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Chandra Nandini 19th January 2017 Written Update:

Read more-> Chandra Nandini 20th January 2017 written update After some time, Dadi calls all people in her room where Helena is not coming there. Dadi asks about her. Durdhra replies that her health is not ok. So that she is taking a rest in her room. After this, Dadi says to Nandini to sing a Lord Shiva song. She starts to sing Shiva’s song and her voice is very sweet. It is full of melody. Chandra is getting mesmerized after to hear her soon.

Now dadi says that a husband will make his wife eat something. Chandra makes Nandini eat something. All people are getting so happy to see all this. No dadi says that all wives will make their husband eat food. Nandini is not doing anything. Dadi says to Nandini to offer a spoon to Chandra. Finally, Nandini does as dadi told her.

Now dadi says, now your fast will begin and your fast will get complete when moon will come in the sky and Chandra will make you eat something. Due to this procedure, you fast will get complete. Here Helena wakes up and thinks what is she doing here? It’s too late. How can I waking up so late. She asks one sevika about all people. She replies that all people are doing Teej pooja on the terrace.

Helena is getting shocked. She asks who is doing all rituals there? She replies that Maharani Nandini is doing all rituals with Chandra. Helena gets angry. Here Nandini and Chandra are making a shivling for lord Shiva. All people are sitting there and enjoy the moment.

Chandra Nandini 19th January 2017 Written Episode:

Here Helena is coming there.  Durdhra stops her and asks what happened? Helena is looking so much tensed. Durdhra says that we are unlucky and that’s why we didn’t get a chance to keep a fast for Chandra. Only Nandini is lucky that she is getting an opportunity to do all these rituals with Chandra. After some time, Dadi says to Nandini to touch Chandra’s feet now.

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