Chandra Nandini 1st March 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 1st March 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Roopa is getting scared after to see Nandini. Chandra asks her what happened? Why are you looking so scared? Roopa replies that I thought I see someone. Even I feel like someone was spying into my room. Chandra is wiping her sweating on the forehead and says that you don’t worry. Nothing was there because nobody is daring to do this type of activity. Roopa says I think badi maa was calling me. So that I will be back after some time.

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Here Helena is talking to her mother about Roopa. She says that I am shocked to think that how Roopa was coming inside the mahal? What was she saying? So that Chandra accepted her? What happened? Helena says that I don’t serve my Chandra in front of Roopa. I can’t do this. Helena’s mother says that you have to do this now because time says us to do this.

Chandra is coming to meet Nandini underground room where she asks him about her acting that she did right or not? Chandra replies that you were doing great and Roopa was getting scared to see you there. But she didn’t tell me anything. Nandini says good. So that we have to take an advantage of her fear. Chandra says yes. Chandra added that your plan is working Nandini.

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Chandra Nandini 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Roopa is coming to talk to Badi Maa and says that I think Nandini is coming back because I saw her. Badi Maa replies that you don’t worry, it never happened. Helena and her mother are coming there. Helena’s mother says her that you just keep quite and do whatever we will tell you. Roopa starts to do Nandini’s role and says that who is Roopa? It means you both are also involved in Roopa’s plan. Let me tell everything to Chandra about this. Helena and her mother are getting shocked. Suddenly, Roopa laughs and says that I am just doing acting. If you people are not able to recognize me then how Chandra will recognize me. Helena starts to scold her very badly. But Roopa says that nobody will recognize me but I will expose you people in front of Chandra very soon.

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Helena calls her illegal wife but she is a legal wife. Later Roopa is going to meet Dadi maa and says that I was missing you all very badly. Dadi maa says that you are such a good girl and I always believe that you never do wrong with anyone. Even Chandra loves you a lot. Nandini says I love him too. Dadi is getting so happy. Roopa says to dadi and says that when you came into our life then everything was getting changed. You brought a lot of love in my and Chandra’s life. But when we got married then you were not present in our marriage. So that’s why I want to marry Chandra again in front of you. Dadi is getting so happy. She calls Moora there and informs her everything. Moora says ok I will talk to pandit ji about the best time of marriage.

Chandra Nandini 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Nandini is getting hungry and she is waiting for the food. Chandra comes there with a food. Nandini snatches that plate from his hand and starts to eat food. Chandra laughs. Nandini asks what happened? Chandra says that you are eating food just like Roopa. Nandini says no, I am not like her. Please don’t compare me with Roopa. Chandra says ok. Nandini says that whenever you will be getting hungry then you will also eat food like this. Chandra says ok you may eat comfortably. He starts to make a fake story like Roopa was romancing him and also try to remove his all clothes. Nandini gets angry and says how dare she touch you. Chandra says why? Are you getting jealous? Nandini says no. Chandra says yes I understand everything.

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After some time, Chandra is doing a practice of using a slave. He sees Roopa there and thinks that it is a golden chance to catch Roopa red handed. He calls Roopa there and says her to play a game with him. Roopa gets scared by thinking that, she doesn’t know how to catch a slave in her hand. Then how will she play this game with the Chandra. But he forces Nandini to play with him. She takes a slave in her hand and then starts a game. Dadima is coming there and says that I brought marriage dress for you beceuse I want to see your marriage again. So that’s why you will marry each other again in front of me. Chandra says but why? Dadi says it’s my wish. Chandra thinks how will he marry Roopa.

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