Chandra Nandini 20th July 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

Chandra Nandini 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Chandra Nandini. Spoilers & latest News/Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Nandini is going into the forest for bringing a gangajal. Chandra is also following her. She feels someone’s presence but when she look behind, she gets nobody there. Here Maalti is playing with Bindusaar and then Pandugrath is also coming there. He starts to play with Bindusaar. Suddenly, Chanakya is coming there with some sainik’s and then says to Maalti that, all these sainik’s are staying here till Nandini will not come back. I am doing this only for Bindusaar’s safety.

Pandugrath says that you don’t worry, I will protect Bindusaar at any cost. He shows one stick and says that this is my weapon through which I will kill our enemies. Maalti laughs on his stick. Chanakya is looking at Pandugrath and then says that you don’t worry, this is my duty to think about the future and safety of Magad. He is going from there and then Pandugrath thinks that he will kill Bindusaar behind Nandini.

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Chandra Nandini 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Pandugrath is going to the Chanakya’s room just to steal a herb from the Chanakya’s bag which will helpful in killing Bindusaar. Actually, he makes a call to make all sainik’s and Maalti faint and then he will easily kill Bindusaar. Chanakya is seeing someone in the blanket. He is going to the blanket man and then reaches to her room where he sees that someone has stolen his herbs. He thinks that he must have to go and saves Bindusaar.

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Here Nandini sees Chandra there. She is getting so much happy and asks Chandra that what is he doing here? Chandra replies that I am coming here just to accompany my friend. Nandini says that I am so lucky to have such a good hearted friend. Chandra says that yes and even it’s my duty also just to give a protection to you. Nandini says ok.

Chandra Nandini 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Pandugrath is coming to the Bindusaar’s room where he makes everyone faint. He is coming inside and then sees that Bindusaar is not present in the room. He is getting shocked very badly. He thinks that someone comes to know about his plan. He is running outside the room whereas Pandugrath is hiding behind the curtain. Chanakya is coming there and comes to know that someone attacks Bindusaar here.

Here some people are attacking Nandini but Chandra fights with them and defeats them too. Here Apma and Helena are going to the Moora’s room and provokes Moora by saying that Nandini hand over Bindusaar to Maalti instead of you and now Bindusaar is missing. Moora is getting shocked to see this.

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