Chandra Nandini 20th March 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 20th March 2017 Written Update, Written Episode on

The opening scene is that Nandini asks Malti who did this to you and what is the matter to which in a state of shock and fear she says that she is being molested and on being asked again and again Malti says that it’s none other than Chandra. Nandini says that it’s not possible and even Chandra says that you are mistaken and this is not the truth but she insists that in the dark room while she was changing he forced himself on me and this is not the first time. He had an eye on me since long.

Chandra justifies himself saying that he heard someone screaming and came out to see who it was.Madhav says that I just can’t be your brother and exits from the scene.

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Malaiketu in the meanwhile bribes some men and asks them to spread the news in the kingdom that Maharaj had an evil eye on Nandini’s sister Malti and when women are not safe in the palace then how can we ensure the safety of the women outside the palace and the kingdom.Malaiketu then says to himself that Chandra you only gave me this idea and taught me all this.

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Chandra Nandini 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update:

Next day two men come to the king with a personal dispute saying that one of them touched the other’s wife and being king Chandragupta says that he will solve this issue and do justice.But the victim’s husband interferes and says that you cannot solve this matter as you yourself have done the same crime and you have no right to say anything in this. Chandra gets ablaze and before he could react further Chanakya says that I would resolve the dispute and would order the soldiers to cut both of the hands of the defaulter.

Chanakya also explains Chandra that be away from family and personal matters and understand that as a king never give any scope to promote such rumors among the public. Chandra says that it’s a plot planned against me Acharya and I have not done anything wrong. Chanakya says that it’s very natural to the king to get plotted but you have to prove yourself again and do whatever you can to come out of all this.

Then Chandra comes touches Malti and says that yesterday I was not in my senses but now I am and I know that I am in love with you Nandini comes and tries to stop Chandra but he says that nobody can change my decision, not even you.Nandini says that yesterday I did not believe Malti but now after seeing everything with my own eyes I am left with no words. Madhav says bhaiya she is mine but Chandra says no she is mine and it’s me who will marry her and after that, she will always stay with me in the palace.He orders his soldiers to put Malti behind the bars. Madhav says I will take revenge for this bhaiya.

Durdhara talks to Moora and Dadi about Malti being put behind the bars by Chandra and Moora says that she will talk to Chandra about this matter and explain him. While she tries to talk to him he stops her from discussing further and says that I can take my own decisions and nobody has to give their opinions.

Chandra Nandini 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update:

Helena talks to her mother that till now only Nandini was a threat to me but now its Malti also. So it’s better we change our plan. Her mother says that your father would be coming soon and once he comes both Nandini and Malti have to leave the palace.

Moora tries to talk to Chandra about his people being upset with the recent happenings and he tries to stop her from discussing anything further. Nalaiketu is happy that his plan worked out well.

Chandra says that he would like to address the people and starts addressing them saying that before being a king he is a human being and as a person, he has fallen in love with Malti. He loves her more than his three queens. He has fallen for her beauty and it’s not just attraction. He loves her respects her and would like to marry her. He also pleads with them that they should cooperate with him and try to understand him personally and respect his opinion. Finally, his people praise him for his strong personality and an open heart.

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