Chandra Nandini 21st November 2016 Written Update Episode 31st

Chandra Nandini 21st November 2016 Written Update Episode 31st on

The StarPlus channel Serial Chandra Nandini will show that Chandra will be fighting with Nand and he kills him very badly. Here Nandini’s brother are going to save Nandini’s life. But here Nandini is getting out of control after to see Chandra’s fight. But when she will see that Chandra finally killed her father and brothers. She will be going to the war area where Chandra and all his force will be returning back.

Nandini will be coming behind him and then throw a knife on his shoulder. Chanda will be getting shocked but when he will look behind, he gets Nandini there. She will be in red anger and then gets ready to do fight with Chandra aka Rajat Tokas. Stay in touch with us. We will update here tonight.

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Chandra Nandini 21st November 2016 Written Update Episode 31st:

She says to Chandra that you are not a man and that’s why you are coward. Chandra says that I already told you that I will finish Nand name as soon as possible. Nandini says that if you are a man then you have to fight with me. Chandra smiles and says that I can never do a fight with a woman. She smiles and says that you are a coward man.

Nandini’s brothers are coming there and takes Nandini back. Chandra is coming back to his own place. He thinks about Nandini’s words. Suddenly, Chanakya is coming there and starts to talk to him. He says all people comes to know about your power. So that, you have to prepare for tomorrow’s war because there will be two thing, either you will become a king or you will get die.

In case if you will become a king then you have an offspring because when you will get an old people then you child will handle you place. But tomorrow’s war will decide your future. But before that, you have to do something with Rani Durdhra and then you will easily go to the war. Here Nandini is applying a medicine on Nand’s injuries, He feels good. Nandini says that I know you are paining then I will apply a medicine slowly.

Chandra Nandini 21st November 2016 Written Update:

Here Chandra is coming in Rani Durdhra’s room and she gets so happy to see him. He tells everything to Rani Durdhra then she understands everything and ready to do everything by considering as it’s responsibility. They can spend a night with each other. Here Nandini is taking care of all people including her father, brother, and all other force people.

 In the next day morning, Chandra and Rani Durdhra are talking to each other but Chandra is looking so shy. Rani is trying to make him relax and says that we did whatever in the last night, that was just a responsibility for us and nothing else. Chandra says ok to her. She says him to get ready for the war, otherwise you are getting late.

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