Chandra Nandini 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 22nd February 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which Chaya’s health is getting bad. Vaidya is coming there and starts to check up Chaya. Even though Moora, Durdhra, Chandra and all other people are also coming there. Moora is getting emotional and says that why god has written a lot of pain in my children lives. She cries to see Chaya’s health. Dadi is getting faint but Nandini handles her and makes her sit there.

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Here Chaya is trying to say something but nobody understands her. Vaidya says to all that Chaya and her baby are in critical situation. So you all people will go out and let me do some treatment of Chaya. All people are coming out. Here Sunanda is coming back to Roopa’s room and informs her that Chaya is still alive and if she will give her statement then we will be getting die soon.

Chandra Nandini 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Roopa is getting angry to see Sunanda’s bad behavior. She threatens Sunanda by saying that don’t you dare to talk to me like this because I have to go outside and kills her. Helena’s mother is coming there and asks what happened? Sunanda is making a story just to divert Helena’s mother mind. Sunanda says that Roopa will help us in killing Nandini. So you don’t worry. Helena’s mother is going from there. Sunanda says to Roopa not to come outside till the situation will not come under control. Roopa says ok.

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Here Vaidya is coming out from the room. Malaiketu asks about the baby. She replies that she didn’t save their baby and now Chaya is an unconscious state. Let see when will she come in a conscious state. Malaiketu is crying a lot and says that we saw a number of dreams for this baby. What is this? How it happened? I am feeling so helpless this time. Chandra folded his hands in front of Vaidya and says her to save my sister at any cost. She replies that you don’t worry, I will try my best.

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Chandra Nandini 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Durdhraa is in trauma by thinking about Chaya’s baby. She is crying a lot and says that I will save my baby at any cost. I won’t let anything wrong happen to my baby. She shouts and cries a lot. Here Chandra is recalling Chaya’s words that her brother is so strong. He is feeling so bad. Nandini comes there and says him to handle himself. Chandra says what type of brother I am? I am feeling so helpless and restless this time because I didn’t do anything for my sister. Even I am feeling so weak by thinking that I am unable to take care of my sister’s life. All people will laugh at me by calling me as a coward brother. Nandini starts to cry a lot after to see bad situation of Chandra.

Nandini says to Chandra that you don’t keep pain in your heart. Just cry and throw it out. Chandra cries a lot and hugs her tightly. Nandini feels good. Chandra cries very badly and says her that I don’t want to lose my sister. Nandini says that I am feeling so good today because I come to know that you are also having a heart. Here Chandra feels that it’s so strange that I am getting so attached with my all relations.

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