Chandra Nandini 23rd February 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 23rd February 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which Roopa says to Sunanda that I have to go outside and handles the matter, Roopa says that it’s a critical situation and if someone will see you there. It would be getting a big problem for us. Roopa says that if Chaya is coming in conscious state and she will expose us. Then it will be bog problem for us. So that’s why we have to take a risk to go outside.

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Here Roopa is coming in Chandra’s room where he is asking her about the medicine related book. But Roopa is making an excuse and says that I am so disturbed because of Chaya’s critical condition and that’s why I am not able to find out any book. Here Nandini is sitting with Vaidya and asks her that what will we do? Vaidya says that we will find out the medicine making procedure in only one book. Nandini asks which book?

Chandra Nandini 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Vadiya tells her about the book name. Nandini is coming in her room and starts to find out that book. Chandra is trying to say something to her. Nandini checks out the book and reads it out. She tells all ingredients to Chandra and says him to bring all these items as soon as possible. Here Helena says to all people that I am coming after some time.

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Chanakya is going outside with some force. In the forest, Chanakya says to his force to go back to the Magad. They are asking Chanakya that why? Where are you going? If Chandra will ask about you then what will we say? He replies that you will say Chanakya will come back soon. They are saying to Chanakya that, this is a big forest. Chanakya says that you don’t worry, I will handle everything.

Nandini brings water for Chaya in her room where all people are sitting. Durdhra is coming there and says that Nandini added poison in this water. So we have to stop her from giving this water to Chaya bhen and she killed Chaya’s baby too.

Chandra Nandini 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Durdhra says that you were scolding me but it never change the truth. You just check out because we are sure that Nandini added poison in this drink. Chandra says that you people doubts on that girl who is putting everyone on her first priority. She always takes care of everyone. Even she took care of dadi and makes her alright soon. Even she was sitting with dadi all the night.

Chandra gets angry and scolds Durdhra for saying all this. All people are looking at Nandini doubtfully. Chandra says that I trust Nandini and let me prove this. Chandra drinks that water and the blood is coming out from Chandra’s mouth. Roopa is seeing everything and she gets shocked very badly. Even though Nandini gets shocked. Chanda falls down very badly. Chandra is trying to call Nandini’s name.

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