Chandra Nandini 23rd March 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 23rd March 2017 Written Update, Written Episode on

The opening scene is having a Chandra and Nandini in a romantic mood. Chandra says to Nandini that I want to say something to you. Nandini is making some excuses. But Chandra is getting romantic with her by catching her tightly in his arms. Nandini is feeling shy. But Chandra is trying to kiss her. Suddenly, someone knocks at the door. But Chandra is not going to open the door. Nandini says that someone is on the door. Chandra says leave it. Nandini says maybe it’s urgent. Chandra opens the door and gets Chanakya there.

Actually, Chanakya says to Chandra that you just ready for the war because two forces are ready to meet you in the war ground. Chandra asks who? Chanakya says Nand and Helena’s father. Nandini hears this and gets shocked. Later all queens, Chanakya, Chandra and all sainiks are present there. Helena is making a bad comment on Nandini because Nand attacks Chandra very badly.

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Chandra Nandini 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update:

Chandra is giving directions to Moora for the safety of the mahal. Moora says ok. Even Moora stops Helena from saying anything to Nandini. Chandra is getting ready to do fight with them. He is just about to come but Chanakya stops them. Later Chandra and Chanakya are making a plan against Nand and Sellucus. Chanakya says to Chandra that you just go to meet Sellucus (Yuvan’s king or Helena’s father) and asks him why is he attacking Magad this time. Chandra says ok.

Here all ladies are getting tensed when they comes to know that Helena’s father is also coming here to attack Magad. Moora asks Helena that why is your father doing this? Helena says that if you are not asking Nandini about her father’s intention then you have no right to ask anything to me because all rules are same for me and Nandini. Even Nandini and I, both are your daughter-in-laws. Moora keeps quite.

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Chandra Nandini 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Chandra is coming to meet King Sellucus. Here Helena is talking to her mother about their plan. She is getting tensed to think about this step of Chandra. Helena’s mother says that you don’t worry, your father will do whatever you want to do. Helena says I want to go there to handle the situation. Helena’s mother says that if you want to go there. Then Chanakya will help you in this. Here Dadi and Moora are getting all ladies ready for the war or to face their enemies.

She gets ready for the war and goes out by taking a horse. She reaches to the war ground and then stands in front of Nand. He calls Nandini as his daughter. But Nandini shouts and says that I am coming here as Nandini Chandra Gupta Maurya. Nand gets shocked. Here Moora asks where is Nandini? Someone replies that Nandini is going outside by taking a horse. A war in between Nandini and Nand.

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