Chandra Nandini 23rd November 2016 Written Update Episode 33rd

Chandra Nandini 23rd November 2016 Written Update Episode 33rd on

The StarPlus channel Serial Chandra Nandini will show that Nand is making a request to Chanakya and Chandra to please go from here now.  After this Nand says to Chandra to please don’t kill me in front of my daughter. But Chandra is not hearing anything. He kills Nand too. They are giving a permission to Nand to go from there easily. Nand gets shocked but he says to Nandini to run from here now.

Nand and Nandini are running away from there. Nandini is getting injured. So that she is unable to walk. Nand takes her in his arms and goes forward. Nandini asks where are we going now? He replies we are going at the safe place where Chandra will not find us easily.

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He is going near to den in a forest and then takes Nandini there. Here is a den of Nand where he hide a lot of gold and money. He takes some gold and money for their future life. Suddenly, Chandra and Chanakya are coming there from behind. Nandini and Nand are getting shocked to see them. She says to Chandra to please don’t come near to my father.

Chanakya orders Chandra to kill all sons of Nand and after that, you may kill Nand too. Chandra says that I will follow your order now. Nandini cries a lot and says please don’t kill my father or my brothers. But Chandra is not hearing anything. He is going near to Nand’s son and kill them all. Nandini is running and sitting with her brothers.

Chandra Nandini 23rd November 2016 Written Update Episode 33rd:

At last Nandini lost her father and brother. Now Chandra is going from there. But Chanakya stops him from going there. Nandini is getting mad to see the dead of Nand. She is crying a lot. But then she is running from there. Chandra says to his force to stop Nandini but she is running away from there by using a horse.

She cries a lot. Nandini is getting break down very badly and coming back to her mahal where Avantika and all other ladies are getting shocked. Avantika asks what happened? She says that Chandra killed everyone. Avantika is getting faint. Click here- Chandra Nandini 22nd November 2016 written update

After some time, Nandini is saying to all ladies to get alert and thinks about our safety. Nandini says that Chandra is so bad and he will make our condition bad. So we have to run away from here. Suddenly, some people are coming there and knocks at the door. Avantika opens the door and then says to all to get ready to face everyone.

Therefore, Helena is coming there with her force. Nandini says you are my friend then why are you doing this? Helena orders her force to bring servant clothes here and let these all Rani’s to wear these clothes now. All Queens are crying a lot. Avantika is trying to handle Nandini because she is in a bad pain after loosing her father and brothers.

Chandra Nandini 23rd November 2016 Written Update:

After some time, Chandra is coming to meet Moora where she is waiting for Chandra very curiously. But when Chandra is coming in front of her, he says I took revenge from Nand and finished everything here.  I am coming here to take you. Moora is crying a lot and she gets faint. Chandra is calling maa, maa, then he gives water to her and she is coming in conscious state. They are sharing some emotional moments with Moora and with his fake friends. Chandra says to sainiks to bring his parents inside the mahal with full respect and owner.

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