Chandra Nandini 24th February 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 24th February 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Moora says to Nandini that you take revenge from my both children by doing all this. You are trying to kill my both children. How dare you Nandini? Even I am giving you an order that you won’t come near to Chandra in your life. Apart from this, I am giving another order to kept you behind the wall for always and nobody brings you out. Nandini is getting break down.

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Here Moora says to sainik’s to take Chandra in the room and sends Nandini behind the bars. Helena orders them to do fast. Later Helena, Durdhra, and Moora are coming outside from there. One of the sainik is coming there and says that we have to keep this news secret because if this news will go out then our enemies will take an advantage of this. Even Chanakya is also not present in the mahal. Moora says ok.

Here Nandini is thinking that her mental condition is getting bad time to time. Suddenly, Helena is coming there but sainik’s are not giving permission to Helena to go inside because Moora gave an order that nobody will meet Nandini. Helena says that I don’t care and nobody will stop me. Helena is coming inside and then pushes Nandini very badly. Helena asks how dare you to do all this with my Chandra? He is my loving husband and you did this. How?

Chandra Nandini 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Nandini says that he is my husband too and I didn’t do anything with him. If I want to kill him then I killed him earlier and never bring him inside the mahal from the forest. You just think that I never do this. Helena thinks maybe Roopa did this. She is getting very angry. Here Sunanda is saying to Roopa that Nandini is inside the jail and that’s why you won’t go outside. If you will go outside then you will be getting in a big problem.

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Here Helena’s mother is coming to meet Roopa and says that you did a good by keeping Nandini aside from the Helena’s way. But you did wrong with Chandra, you hurt him which makes Helena very angry. So you just leave this place as soon as possible otherwise, Helena will kill you because I won’t control her anger. She won’t hear anything. Here Vaidya and all people are giving a treatment to Chandra with multani mitti and anything else.

Chandra Nandini 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here a sevika is coming there and then gives food to Nandini. But Nandini is praying to god to save Chandra’s life at any cost. She asks Sevika about Chandra’s health. She replies that Maharaj’s condition is critical now. Nandini says that I won’t eat food till Chandra’s health will not get good. Three days ago, Nandini doesn’t eat food. She is just praying to god. Here Chandra’s condition is getting alright time to time.

In a midnight, Chandra is coming in a conscious state. He opens his eyes and asks where is Nandini? All people are sitting there. Helena says why are you asking about her? She is responsible for your and Chaya’s bad health. After all of this, You are asking about her? Chandra asks where is Nandini? Call everyone in the Sabha where Chandra stops Nandini from sitting at Maharani’s place. Even Durdhra is giving her statement against her. After to hear everyone’s statement, Chandra orders to construct Nandini behind the wall in her alive situation.

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