Chandra Nandini 24th January 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 24th January 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which Nandini is applying medicine on Malaiketu’s hand. Even Chaya is also sitting there. Chandra sees them and gets angry. But when he sees Nandini’s small nails. He thinks that Nandini tried to snatch his skin by using her big nail but now she cut her nails to save Malaiketu’s from her nails. After some time, Nandini is coming back to her room.

Chandra asks her, have you cut your nails? Nandini asks which nail? Chandra says you told me that you can use your nails like a sword. Nandini laughs and says that who did this? Suddenly, Nandini sees Chandra’s wounds and asks him what happened? Who did this? Chandra says that you gave me these wounds and now you are asking to me. Nandini says I didn’tdo anything.

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Chandra says have you taken drink or something else? Nandini says no. Chandra says it means I am money and I gave these wounds to myself. Nandini laughs and says I don’t know what are you saying this. Nandini starts to apply an oitment on his wounds. Chandra says that you called me handsome before some time. But now you tell me, I am looking handsome. Really?

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Chandra Nandini 24th January 2017 Written Update:

Here Helena and her mother are talking to each other. Helena’s mother asks why are you eating these worst fruits? Why? I always tell you to eat fresh fruits but you never take my words seriously. She calls one sevika there and orders her to bring more fruits. Here Chandra is getting restless. Nandini thinks why is he getting restless? Suddenly, Dadi comes there and asks Chandra have you think something?

Nandini asks what? Dadi asks Chandra to tell everything to Nandini that tomorrow will be Moora’s borthday and we are thinking about the gift. Like what will we give her? Dadi says them to think together. Now Nandini asks what is he thinking? Chandra says I met my mother before some time. So that I don’t know her likes or dislikes. Nandini says let we think. After this, Chandra says that I am thinking to give some big designation or some valuable jewellery, or something else.

Nandini says this is not the perfect gift because anybody can give this to her. You have to give something like nobody gave her yet. What she didn’t feel in her life. Will you give your childhood to your mother. Chandra asks again? Nandini says that you will give your childhood memories to your mother. Chandra shows some childhood items to Nandini which she likes a lot. They pack them nicely just to gift it to Moora.

Chandra Nandini 24th January 2017 Written Episode:

In the next day morning, when all people are enjoying monkey’s dance. Chandra recalled those words when Nandini called him as monkey. Chandra smiles and looks towards Nandini. Helena comes there and says to stop all this and show some dangerous animal dance. Chandra says monkey is a good animal and just continue this show. Nobody stops it. Chandra’s friend says him that women are a big mystery and nobody understands them. Even their moods are getting swing a lot. They are different before the food and then get change after food. A big black hole. Chandra smiles.

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