Chandra Nandini 24th November 2016 Written Update Episode 34th

Chandra Nandini 24th November 2016 Written Update Episode 34th on

The serial starts with the scene when Chandra is sitting with his mother and talks to her very emotionally. She is also getting so emotional to see Chandra in her arms. She is thinking about that day when she gave a birth to Chandra. But after some time, Chandra orders his force to take his parents inside the mahal with full respect and honour. Everybody will be doing work so nicely and comfortably.

After some time, when all people of that mahal welcomes Chandra as their new king, that time all Nand’s queens including Nandini and her one brother who is still alive. But when Chandra is coming there and sees Nandini’s brother and asks how is he alive yet? Chandra is about to kill him. Nandini is coming in between and says him to please leave my brother.

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Chandra Nandini 24th November 2016 Written Update Episode 34th:

Chandra takes that Nand’s last son and he is about to kill that boy. But when he comes to know that he is a¬†child by his mind. He stops himself. Chandra asks Chanakya that what will I do? Shall I kill him or not? Chanakya says that you have to think about your knowledge which you get from your shashtron. Chandra leaves him and says to Sainik to keep him to the Doctor for his good treatment. After this, all people welcomes Moora as Rajmata and Chandra as their new king.

Helena orders her force to keep all Nand’s ladies in the jail and Nandini in the karaghar. Avantika is calling Nandini, Nandini again and again. She is crying a lot. Helena is going to meet Nandini. So that Nandini asks Helena why is she doing all this with her? Helena tells everything to her that how she snatched her lover from her and that is Malaiketu.

Helena hurts Nandini very badly by saying that I will give you a lot of pain. Nandini is crying a lot. Here Chandra is going into his room where so many beautiful girls are waiting for him. They are asking Chandra to help him in changing his clothes and makes him to get a bath. He says no and sends all girls outside from there.

Chandra is getting restless by thinking that he snatched everything from Nand and living like a king here, which is not acceptable by the Chandra. Chanakya is coming there and gives some emotional support to Chandra. He says to Chandra that, all property of Magad is yours from now onwards because you are a king here. After some time, Chandra is trying to get sleep but he is not sleeping.

Chandra Nandini 24th November 2016 Written Update:

Suddenly, he hears someone crying sound., He goes outside and gets Nandini in a bad situation. He is going near to her whereas Nandini is requesting him to kill her because she don’t want to live anymore. She is missing her father very badly and that’s why she is saying all this. Chandra is getting emotional to see her in a pain. He gives a water to her and then goes from there.

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