Chandra Nandini 25th November 2016 Written Update Episode 35th

Chandra Nandini 25th November 2016 Written Update Episode 35th on

The serial starts with the scene when the Chandra is thinking about Nandini and he gets emotional. Durdhara is coming there and asks him what happened? Why are you saying all this? She sees some┬átears in Chandra’s eyes and asks him why are you crying. Chandra says no I never get emotional. After some time, Chanakya is coming there and says to Chandra that I have to talk to you.

Here Nand, Amatya, and Dhananand are sitting in a den where Nand is applying a tilak on Dhananand’s forehead and declares him the would be the king of Magad. Amatya says to Nand that you have to stay here safely and we people are going outside to find out some solution to beat Chandra again.

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Chandra is coming outside and then asks what happened Chanakya ji? He says that you have to marry Nandini now? Chandra gets angry and says that what are you saying all this? This is not possible. Then, why are you saying all this? Chanakya says that Nand is alive, he is not dead. Chandra gets shocked. Here Nandini is missing her father very badly.

Chandra Nandini 25th November 2016 Written Update Episode 35th:

Chandra is not getting ready to marry Nandini. Chanakya says to him that if you will marry Nandini that Nand won’t do anything wrong with you because he will never see his daughter widow in a small age. Chandra is looking so angry. Chanakya says to him that it’s my order that you will marry her at any cost. If you will order her to marry you then she won’t deny.

After some time, Chandra’s mother is coming to talk to Avantika and offers her a new opportunity for you. Actually, I want your daughter’s hand for my son at any cost because I don’t want to give any pain to her. I am doing all this only for our old friendship. Avantika says no I will never say yes for this, my daughter will marry that man with whom she loves a lot.

Moora says that you are not a queen and your daughter Nandini is not a princess of Magad.┬áThis time, she is a maid there and my son is a King and he won Magad. So it’s good for you to handover your daughter to us. After this, you have to think yourself. Moora is going from there. Nandini is coming there and asks what happened? What is going on?

Avantika says that she wants your hand for his son Chandra. Nandini says no, it’s not possible that I will marry that man who killed my brothers and father too. Avantika is about to say something. But Nandini says that I need silence and loneliness. Please. Avantika and all other ladies are going from there. Here Chandra is coming to meet his two wives and informs them about Chanakya’s decision.

Chandra Nandini 25th November 2016 Written Update:

Helena and Dhurudhra are getting ready for this. But Chandra says that he is not ready to marry her. Helena says that, this is good for you and profitable too. So you have to think over it. After some time, Helena is coming to talk to Moora that who have released out Nandini from the jail. Moora says I did this because I never see anyone in a pain. Helena says that was my decision to send Nandini there then nobody takes any decision related to her.

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