Chandra Nandini 29th November 2016 Written Update Episode 37th

Chandra Nandini 29th November 2016 Written Update Episode 37th on

The Serial starts with the scene in which all the people are getting busy in the marriage preparations of Chandra and Nandini. Here Nandini is thinking an evil plan to hurt Chandra very badly. In this plan, if Chandra will get die, Nandini will be getting so happy. But she is making such plan just to hurt him. When there is a function of marriage is being announced then haldi function is about to start.

Nandini decides to add poison into the haldi. Due to which she can easily hurt Chandra. Finally, she can add poison to the haldi mixture. But here Chandra smells Haldi and then comes to know that someone added poison inside it. Due to which everybody is getting shocked.

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Chandra Nandini 29th November 2016 Written Update Episode 37th:

Here Helena, Dhurdhraa, and Helena’s mother are going to exchange haldi with Avantika, and other Nandini’s bhabhi’s. A pandit ji is also present there. H chant some mantra’s and hence they exchange their haldi with each other. Helena, her mother, and Dhurdhra are coming back to the place where Moora and daughter are starting the Chandra’s sangeet and haldi function.

Here Avantika and all other ladies are also starting their function. Dhurdhra says to all that Helena is first wife of Chandra. So that she will apply haldi first. Helena smiles and sites there to apply haldi on Chandra’s face. Cnanakya is coming there and stops them. He says to check out this haldi first.

Dhrudhra is looking so excited for the function. All the ladies are saying to start this function as soon as possible. Dhurhdraa is applying  a haldi on Nandini’s face and hands. Helena is also going to apply. But her mother stops her from doing this and says that I will tell you the story later down. She says ok.

Chandra Nandini 29th November 2016 Written Update

After some time, when Dhurdhra is coming back then her hands are getting burn. She shows her hands to Chandra. Chanakya comes to know that declares that this is poison. Chandra goes to Nandini’s room and asks her to apply haldi on her. He carry Nandini in his arms and throws her in the water just to save her from the poison. Helena’s mother revealed that she exchange the haldi just to save Chandra from poison.

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