Chandra Nandini 2nd December 2016 Written Update Episode 40th

Chandra Nandini 2nd December 2016 Written Update Episode 40th on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Chandra and Nandini are sitting in a marriage mandap and starts to do all rituals. Dhananand is coming there by changing his look. All people will come to know about his real identity. They makes him to sit up in a mandap to fulfill all the responsibilities of the marriage. But he is trying to run away from there. Chanakya says him to do all rituals of your sister’s marriage.

He is doing all the rituals. ¬†Dhananand is cleaning Chandra’s foot and then try to kill him by using a slave. But Chandra catches that slave and saves himself. The blood is coming out from Chandra’s hand and that blood is filling in Nandini’s maang. She is crying a lot. After that, Chandra throws him very badly and try to kill him. Chanakya orders him not to kill him now.

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We will take a decision of his life after this marriage, I want my Kings marriage to get successfully happened first. Chandra hugs Chanakya and says that I will kill him in next three days. Chanakya makes him relax and sits him there aside of Nandini. Here Nandini thinks that, what kind of person he is? He is trying to kill my brother and I am going to marry him. Nandini catches his brother in her arms and pleads to Chandra to please leave my brother.

Chandra replies that I will take a revenge of my father’s death and my mother’s pain. Here some sainiks are going to put Dhananand behind the bars. He says that I won’t leave you alive Chandra. After this, Chanakya orders to do a marriage rounds with all rituals first. Nandini thinks that she have to do this for 300 plus ladies life as Avantika told her. Avantika is throwing flowers on her and pray for her good future.

Chandra Nandini 2nd December 2016 Written Update Episode 40th:

After some time, Pandit ji is saying a number of vows which are taking by Nandini and Chandra. Here they both are making some promises to themselves for taking revenge from each other very badly. After this, Pandit ji says to Chandra make her wear a manglasutra. He puts a manglasutra in Nandini’s neck. Finally, they got married to each other.

After this, Nandini sends to the room which is fully decorated for their first night. But she is crying a lot. She starts reminisces all the moments in which she was with her pitah maharaj. She starts to cry a lot. She is remembering all the moments in which he spend with her father in the same room.

Here Chandra is coming in the Durdhra’s room where she sends him to Helena oor Nandini’s room. He says that Nandini will kill me if I will sleep there and Helena snores very badly. So I won’t sleep anywhere else. All over, I will sleep here comfortably. Helena is coming there and scolds Durdhraa very badly.

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Helena tells to Chandra and says that you should go to Nandini’s room and then see there because Nandini kept a secret for you in the sweets plate. Chandra says that please I don’t want to go there. Helena says that I think you have to go from here and goes into the Nandini’s room now because she is having a surprise for you, which you have to check out as soon as possible.

Chandra says that I know very well that what has she decided for me. I know she wanted to kill me as soon as possible. He added that, so you want to send me there, you think I will go there and see what is the gift in that place.


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