Chandra Nandini 2nd Februray 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 2nd February 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Dadi is going to meet Nandini in her room. Dadi says her to show her dance performance because everyone saw your dance except me. But I didn’t see you. Nandini asks what are you saying dadi ji. Dadi says that I just want to see your dance, even I want to see your kathak dance as soon as possible. Nandini says ok.

Later Dadi is coming back to her room where she is looking at Chandra and Nandini’s photo. Moora asks when you prepared this picture. Dadi says I like Chandra and Nandini together a lot. So that I brought this picture here. I will take this picture with me because I will miss them a lot. Moora gets emotional and tells everything to dadi that Nandini s Nand’s daughter, the biggest enemy of us. Even Chandra and Nandini are not having couple relationship. So that, Nandini considers Chandra as her enemy and nothing else.

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Chandra Nandini 2nd February 2017 Written Update:

Here Helena gets one paper on which Durdhra wrote a poem. Helena reads out it and laughs. Durdhra says that I didn’t write this, even I was going to throw this paper outside the mahal because I know if you read it out then you will be getting angry. Helena says my mood is so good today, so you don’t worry, I won’t do this.

After some time, Nandini is coming in Chandra’s room where she gives Chandra’s favorite book to him. He says you like books, so you can keep this book with you. After Nandini starts to pack her bag. Chandra comes there and gives one blanket to her. She says it’s your favorite blanket. Chandra says it’s ok but I want you to take this blanket because you need it more. Nandini takes this blanket. Chandra feels good.

Chandra aka Rajat Tokas is trying to catch Nandini. But he falls on the bed. Chandra makes faces after to fall down on the bed. Nandini comes there and sees Chandra there on the bed. Nandini laughs very badly, she laughs heartedly. Nandini says that you are such a money, you are doing all monkey type activities.Chandra feels so good to see Nandini’s laugh. Read more-> Chandra Nandini 3rd February 2017 written update

Chandra Nandini 2nd February 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, Dadi calls Chandra in her room where she tells to Chandra that my health is not good. So that I drop my plan to go there. Dadi says to Chandra to inform Nandini about this. Chandra is getting so much happy and thinks that I am so happy by thinking that Nandini will stay with me for more time. Later Chandra is coming there and then informs Nandini about this. Nandini gets so happy and thinks that she will live with Chandra for more time. Both are getting so happy but not showing to each other.

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