Chandra Nandini 2nd January 2017 Written Update Episode 61st

Chandra Nandini 2nd January 2017 Written Update Episode 61st on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Khaidar is bringing Nandini back to the Ashram from the cremation ground. In between, Nandini is about to get faint. Then Khaidar is giving a support to her. Suddenly, the Chandra is coming there and then asks what happened? He says that Jayant was getting faint. So that I am handling him. Chandra says him to go from here and I will look after my friend. After that, Chandra carries her in his arms but she is jumping in his arms. Nandini tells everything to Chandra about his father’s message that he will be going to kill him when they will be going by temple’s way. After some time, Chandra brings her somewhere just to save her real identity from all people. In the morning, Nandini wakes up and gets herself with Chandra. She is getting shocked and thinks that how was she coming here? Even she can’t recognize the place. She shouts and calls Chandra. Suddenly, he gets up and asks what happened? Nandini asks what is there. Which place is this? Chandra says don’t you remember what happened to us?

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Chandra Nandini 2nd January 2017 Written Update Episode 61st:

Nandini says no. He decides to pull her legs. He says really, you don’t know what happened last night. She replies no. Chandra shows body marks to her and says that you were getting uncontrol last night. I was trying to save myself but you didn’t leave me for a single second. Nandini cries. Chandra says that you don’t worry, nothing happened last night. She beats him for pulling her leg. After this, he says Nandini to get ready soon and we will go there. Here Chandra is going to talk to Khaidar and asks him how dare you to do all this with Rajkumari Nandini. He is sitting in Chandra’s feet and says sorry back to back. Chandra says that you are brahmin and I never touch brahmins. So you have a good opportunity to run away. After this, all people are sitting outside the Ashram and waiting for their results. Guruji makes an announcement that Chanakya is coming here to announce a result. Chanakya is coming there and Chandra is trying to hide their faces from Chanakya. After some time, Chanakya says that there are three toppers of this examination. But I will ask one question to these three people and then decide the winner name.

Chandra Nandini 2nd January 2017 Written Update Episode 61st:

The man Khaidar who was going with Nandini to the cremation groud. He will come to know that Jayant Singh is not a man, he is a very beautiful girl who was coming here just to passed out an examination. But he won’t do anything. He will just get to analysing her activities in the Ashram. He will be looking towards Nandini with his evil eye. In an upcoming show, all men in the Ashram are sitting together. One of them is catching Jayant in his arms and then Nandini is feeling so uncomfortable. Chandra sees this and gets angry too. He says to Nandini that I don’t like when someone touches you like this. Click here-> Chandra Nandini 30th December 2016 written update

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