Chandra Nandini 30th December 2016 Written Update Episode 60th

Chandra Nandini 30th December 2016 Written Update Episode 60th on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Chandra is coming there where Nandini is thinking that why Chandra was getting jealous to see her with any other man. She thinks Chandra is behaving completely different. After some time, Chandra is coming there and says her to take the bath before an examination. Nandini says I won’t take bath here because all men are in the bathroom. Chandra says that if you won’t take a bath then you will not get eligible in an examination. So you will take bath with me and gets relax too. Nandini says that why are you saying all this? Chandra says I am saying what will be going to happen soon. Click here-> Chandra Nandini 29th December 2016 written update. After some time, Chandra and Nandini are taking a bath together. They are spending a romantic moment with each other. Here Helena is asking someone about Chandra and Nandini. But that maid replies that I didn’t see Chandra and Nandini yet.  Helena sees Dudhraa and decides to ask her. But Durdhra is going away from there and coming into her room. Helena thinks why she was running away? He is coming near to Durdhra’s room where Durdhra is shouting that she is having a pain in her stomach. Moora is coming there and asks what happened? She is giving a medicine to her but Durdhraa says that I hide one gossip inside my tummy. So that my tummy is paining. Moora laughs and asks what happened? Durdhra replies that Chandra and Nandini are going to the Bhelgram Ashram for Nandini’s examination.

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Chandra Nandini 30th December 2016 Written Update Episode 59th:

Helena heard everything and she gets shocked too. Here Nandini is giving her examination and Guruji is asking a number of questions to her. She is giving all answers nicely and then all people claps for her. Chandra is also present there and thinks that Nandini is such a talented girl. After some time, a man is coming there and says to Nandini that I know you are princess Nandini and your father was sending me here just to inform you that you will bring Chandra towards the mandir way where I and your father will wait for Chandra. There we will attack Chandra and kills him. Nandini asks how is my pitah maharaj. He replies your father is alright and he is missing you a lot. Here Moora and Durdhra are spending some god moments together. Helena is getting jealous to see them. Here Nandini’s performance is nice in an examination. Guruji says that now an examination is over and Chanakya will announce the results tomorrow. After some time, all people are appreciating Nandini. But one man is coming there and says that if someone is intelligent it doesn’t mean that he is strong too. He is giving one dare to Nandini that you will go to the cremation area and brings a soil from there.

Chandra Nandini 30th December 2016 Written Update Episode 59th:

In the night, Nandini is trying to get an opportunity because she wants to go to cremation ground and brings a soil from there as per the challenge. But Chandra is not sleeping yet. He says Nandini to sleep down and she is doing drama like she is sleeping. After some time when Chandra is getting sleep down and then Nandini is going out from there with another man. He asks Nandini aka Jayant Singh that are you confident for going inside. Nandini says yes I am confident. After this, Nandini is going inside and gets scared too. But she is giving an emotional support to herself. Finally, she is getting a soil from there and then she get stuck in between. Here a man thinks that why Jayant is not coming outside. So that he is going inside and comes to know that Jayant Singh is a girl.

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