Chandra Nandini 30th November 2016 Written Update Episode 38th

Chandra Nandini 30th November 2016 Written Update Episode 38th on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Nandini is getting shocked to see Chandra alright. She thinks how is he safe? Why didn’t a poison work on him? Suddenly, Chandra is coming there and replies that let me tell you what happened? How am I safe? You made a complete plan to kill me. But you didn’t get success in this. Nandini gets shocked to see him there.

She replies that why are you coming here so late? Chandra says that I was thinking not to give any pain to you because you didn’t do anything wrong with me. That’s why I have punished your father and brother’s only. But now you are also getting a culprit. You tried to kill me. But from now onwards, I will kill you every day.

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Chandra Nandini 30th November 2016 Written Update Episode 38th:

After that, Nandini is getting shattered to see Chandra’s anger towards her. She thinks that how will she handle Chandra after marriage because she is marrying him just to take revenge from him for her father and brother’s death. On Sangeet Function, Chandra catches Nandini red handed in her plan that she added a poison in the haldi. But after that Chandra introduces Nandini to all guests forcibly.

Chandra catches her hand tightly and introduces her with all guests. She feels so much pain and that’s why she tries to make her release from his clutches but she gets fails to do this. There is a sword fight happen in the sangeet function. But this is fake drama but Nandini sends a real fighter in the ground.

Here Helena is making a full proof plans against Nandini as she wants to get Nandini married to Chandra as soon as possible. Due to which she will torture Nandini easily and treated her as a servant in the mahal. But Durdhra is so sweet and hence she talks to Nandini very sweetly and makes her to wear a wedding jewelry.

Chandra Nandini 30th November 2016 Written Update:

But here Nandini is getting worried to think about her marriage. She makes her mind fix that she have to kill Chandra at any cost just to take revenge from her. Let see what will be the next. Will Nandini fall in love with Chandra? Will Chandra fall in love with Nandini?


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