Chandra Nandini 31st October 2016 Written Update Episode 16th

Chandra Nandini 31st October 2016 Written Update Episode 16th on

The StarPlus channel Serial Chandra Nandini will show that Chandra stole Nandini’s precious bangle which her Pita Maharaj was given to her. Chandra gives this bangle to english queen Helena, the queen which was the girl friend of Malai Ketu. But Malao ketu left her only for Nandini. So that just to ruin Nandini’s happiness, Chandra has stolen that bangle.

Here Nandini is getting restless because of her precious bangle. Nand is coming there and asks Are you ok? Are you safe? Nandini hugs him and says that I am alright but I am angry to think about the bangle by thinking that how I lost that. Nand says that you don’t worry, I will bring a new bangle for you.

After some time, all the bhabhi’s of Nandini and Nandini are trying to choose out the best saree for Nandini’s engagement. After some time, queen Avantika is coming there and asks what is going on? They are replying to Avantika that, they are choosing sarees for the engagement function. Avantika says that we will go to another market where saree zari work is famous, so that we will buy everything from there.

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Chandra Nandini 31st October 2016 Written Update Episode 16th:

All ladies are getting so happy. After this, Avantika brings Nandini in her room where she asks her Are you happy with this marriage? Nandini says yes I am happy. Avantika asks her the truth. Nandini says that I am happy if Pita Maharaj is happy. Avantika asks you are happy with this marriage or you are happy for your father.

Nandini says that I am not happy with this marriage. Avantika says you don’t worry, I will talk to your father about this matter. Here Helena is getting restless. Even her father is also insulting her and orders her to go to Yuvaan now. Whereas Helena is getting so angry after to hear all this.

After coming back to her room, Helena thinks about all the words which her father told her and those bad words which were said by Malai Ketu. She sees a knife and takes it in her hand. She thinks to kill herself. So that she is about to cut her wrist. Chandra is coming there and then throw that knife away. He scolds her very badly. Helena asks what is this? Chandra say you don’t worry, I will take revenge from Malai Ketu.

Chandra will say to Bhartiya Soldiers that please you just have a look at Greek Soldiers likes their strong unity, strength, faith, and everything. Even they have a deep faith towards their motherland. But when we are looking at yourself then we are looking only towards the coins and not towards the motherland.

Here Nandini is getting so happy to hear about her marriage. Even she feels so good to think about the king with whom she gets marry soon because he gave a statement that he will never bring any other queen after Nandini in his mahal. This thing lure Nand and Nandini both. She gets so happy to think about this.

Chandra Nandini 31st October 2016 Written Update:

Chandra says to Helena that I am coming here to take a seat of Magad Raja. I will take revenge from him. Helena asks why only Magad. Chandra says this is only for my Guruji. Helena says why don’t you marry Nandini and thne overtake Magad’s seat. Chandra says I am not interested in this. Helena says ok but I will teach you for this mission.

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