Chandra Nandini 5th December 2016 Written Update Episode 41st

Chandra Nandini 5th December 2016 Written Update Episode 41st on

The serial starts with the scene in which Chandra aka Rajat Tokas is going to Durdhra’s room when she is not giving permission to him to come inside. But he is asking why? Why are you saying all this? Durdhra says that today you got married to Nandini today. So you have to go there. Suddenly, Helena is coming there and asks them what happened? Dhurdhra says that I was saying him to go to Nandini’s room.

Helena says that Durdhra was saying right, you have to go there and check out the gift which was hiding by Nandini. Chandra says that she is only planning to kill me. Helena says that you have to go there and check out. Chandra is going there and Nandini attacks on him by using her knife. He catches her with a trick and asks her what are you hiding in a sweet shop.

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She is running towards the sweet shop and hides one packet. Chandra says I know very well that what are you hiding in this packet? I know you are hiding slave and all in this packet just to kill me. I know you want to kill me as soon as possible. He snatches that packet and opens it. When he reopen the packet, he gets a number of books. He asks what is this?

Nandini says that these are my books and I love my books. Even I want to study more but when Malaiketu was coming into my life and then stopped me from doing a study. That time, I hide these books. Chandra gets shocked after to hear her hobby. He says to her that I don’t have any problem from this, you may continue your study from now onwards. Nandini gets so happy.

Chandra Nandini 5th December 2016 Written Update Episode 41st:

In the whole night, Chandra is sitting near to Nandini and he is only looking at her. She catches Chandra in her arms during her deep sleep. She is remembering someone else during her sleep and that’s why she is catching Chandra in her arms. In the morning time, Helena is giving directions to all the sevika’s that a big room of this area is only her and her mother too. After this, all her guests and relatives also get big rooms.

On the other side, Nandini’s room and relative will be staying in the small room of this mahal. She is giving other directions too. Moora is coming there and then stops Helena from doing all this. She says that you never do this because everyone is equal in this mahal. Helena says that I am patrani of this mahal, so that I can take all the decisions according to myself.

Moora says that I am raajmata of this mahal. So you can’t forget this thing before to take nay decision. Apart from this, I have to discuss this with Chandra that how is patrani behaving with raajmata of this mahal? Helena says that don’t you date to discuss all this Chandra, we will look after these matters at our own. Otherwise, we will convert this cold war into ahot war. Moora says that you don’t worry, I won’t discuss it with Chandra and I am ready to deal with you.

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After some time, all people are discussing Dhananand’s case. Here Helena is coming there but guards are not giving a permission to her to go inside because Chandra is taking a bath. After to hear them, Helena scolds them by saying that I am patrani of Magad, so that I can go anywhere as I want. She is coming inside where Chandra is taking a bath. He is feeling shy to see Helena there.

She is coming near to Chandra and then sits in his arms. He gets scared. She says that I am your first wife and also having some rights too. So you never stop me to come near you. Chandra gets silent and doesn’t give any reply to her. Helena and Chandra are enjoying an eye meet. After this, Helena is going from there by saying that I want to meet you, so you will come to me after your bath. Chandra thinks that Helena was saying right.

After all she is my first wife, so she deserves right. But I am not feeling shy  when I ma with Durdhraa because she is my childhood’s friend. But when Helena is coming in front of me then I feel odd. After this, Chandra makes a decision that we will kill Dhananand.

Chandra Nandini 5th December 2016 Written Update:

In the morning, Nandini gets up and then her bhabhi is coming there. Nandini says to her that I saw a dream and pitah maharaj was coming into my dream. He told me that everything will be getting alright. Bhabhi shouts and says her to come outside from your dream. The reality is Chandra is going to kill you Dhan bhaiya. So you are a queen now, so you will change your king’s decision.


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  1. Syamala Ranganathan

    The selection of characters are very good especially chanakya. Hats off to the team. It is a good historic serial

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