Chandra Nandini 6th Februray 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 6th February 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Nandini says that Chandra that your wife Helena is not understanding anything here. Here are so many languages, so many weathers, so many crops, so many people, and so many types of cultivation type. Then you just tell me how will your wife Helena will understand all this. If she will be going to become a head queen then how will she interact with the people of Magad area. How will she live with them? Chandra looks on.

Dadi, and all other people are coming there to attend the competition with Nandini and Helena. Dadi says that competitors will be passing throw 3 stages. The first stage is about to choose a treatise. Dadi says that firstly they have to choose a coin side to start the game. She asks who will choose which side? In this coin toss, Helena wins the toss. Dadi says to Helena to choose your favorite sword.

Helena chooses her favorite sword. Nandini’s bhabhi says that maybe Nandini will get defeat in this competition because she didn’t use this earlier. But now the Nandini and Helena started their fight by using a sword. Firstly, Helena is playing good. She gives a cut over Nandini’s hand. But then Nandini gets angry she defeated Helena very badly. Durdhra says to her baby that see your Nandini mother is playing very well. Read more-> Chandra Nandini 7th February 2017 written update

Dadi announces that Nandin wins this first stage by defeating Helena. After this, Dadi says that now Helena and Nandini are taking a rest before the second stage. Chandra is giving a first-aid to Helena in front of Nandini. This time, Nandini thinks that I know Chandra loves Helena but why is he showing his feelings in front of me, It hurts me. Here Helena’s mother is saying to Badi maa that you have to threaten Roopa for injuring my daughter. You just say to her that she will lose her next 2 stages and let Helena win the competition.

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Chandra Nandini 6th February 2017 Written Update:

Badi Maa is coming to talk to Nandini because she thinks that Roopa is doing all this. But she doesn’t know the reality that Roopa is inside and Nandini is playing this competition. Badi Maa is saying to Nandini that why are you doing this? Nandini says that I promised dadi that I will win this competition. Badi maa comes to know that Roopa is not here. Badi Maa is coming inside to see Roopa. She gets Roopa in Nandini’s room.

She asks what are you doing here? Roopa says that I want to see Nandini as winner because if she will win this competition then I will enjoy here as becoming Badi Rani, Here Helena is coming to talk to Chaya and try to convince her that she will help Helena in becoming a winner of this competition. Chaya gets ready to help her.

Chandra Nandini 6th February 2017 Written Episode:

After this when the second stage starts. Dadi shows some cultivating seeds to Helena and Nandini. Dadi says them to choose good and bad seeds. When Helena and Nandini are completing their task. Dadi says to Chaya to bring their tasks. Chaya exchanges their bowls. Dadi makes an announcement that Helena is the winner of this competition. Everybody gets shocked to see this.

After this, Dadi says that now it’s a turn for the third stage in which some questions are asking to both Queens. The one who will get more scores then she will become senior queen or Mukhya Rani. After this task, Dadi says that both Helena and Nandini are performing equally in this task. Now one voting will solve this issue. Who will give a vote to Nandini or who will give a vote to Helena? After this, all people are giving their vote to Helena and  Nandini. But now the same situation arises that both are getting the same votes. Dadi says that now Chandra’s vote will decide that who will become mukhya rani.

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