Chandra Nandini 7th December 2016 Written Update Episode 43rd

Chandra Nandini 7th December 2016 Written Update Episode 43rd on

The serial starts with the scene in which Helena comes to know that Chandra left Dhan (Nandini’s brother). She asks sevika what happened? Why he left his brother? Especially when he announced his decision before 2 days he will kill Dhan at any cost. But now he changes his decision. Why? Sevika replies to her that maybe a relation is generated in between Chandra and Nandini.

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Helena says that what rubbish is this? What are you saying? Sevika replies that last night when I reached there, I saw Chandra removed all clothes of Nandini and says us to go outside. So maybe they spend a night together. Helena gets shattered very badly and shouts a lot. Click here-> Chandra Nandini 6th December 2016 written update

Helena is coming to Durdhraa’s room and asks her where is Chandra? She says that I don’t know about Chandra. Durdhra is getting scared to see Helena’s anger. Suddenly, Chandra is coming there. Helena is getting angry and catches Chandra’s shoulders very badly and asking him what is going on? He asks what? She says that where were you doing with Nandini last night. What happened that you left her brother? Chandra gets shocked and replies that I was just trying to embrace her and nothing else.

After to say this, Chandra is going from there. Helena is coming behind him and says him to please stop. Don’t go please. I know you won’t love her. So that I am so sorry for saying all that wrong to you. Chandra says that let me go. Helena says that please forgive me. He says it’s ok and let me go from here. After some time, Helena is coming into her room and thinks that maybe she likes Chandra. So that’s why I am thinking a lot for him and that’s why I was getting jealous to think about Nandini.

Chandra Nandini 7th December 2016 Written Update Episode 43rd:

Here Durdhra is talking to Chandra and says to him that how is it possible? Chandra asks what happened? She says that one lady is beating her husband and he is not doing anything. Chandra asks for whom you are talking now? She says that Helena was beating you and you were not doing anything. He says if I wasn’t doing anything and expecting you to do help me out.

But you were not coming there to help me. It means you were getting scared to see Helena’s anger. She replies that I was not coming in between you but it doesn’t mean that I was getting scared from her. Chandra says really? She replies that yes, I was feeling so bad, but you have to protect yourself if I was n’t coming there to help you. She asks can I ask one thing? What is she eating in her breakfast, so that her temperature is always getting high. He replies that she is eating people heart in the morning. Durdhra gets scared and hides herself behind the bed. Chandra laughs.

After some time, Helena is taking a bath and thinks about the moments which she spends with Chandra last day. She is getting romantic and then she calls Chandra there. She is open her back and then says to Chandra to rub her back with the towel. Chandra gets shocked and then starts to do. But he feels so shy. After some time, Helena says to him to come in her room tonight because she wants to spend some quality time with him. Chandra says ok and asks you want to say something else? She says no. He is going from there and Helena thinks nobody will stop me by making my place in your heart tonight. She smiles.

In the night, Nandini is sitting outside and looks here there. Suddenly, she sees a snake is going to piss one pigeon. She runs towards him and saves him. She gets injured badly. Even she is falling down too. Chandra is coming there and thinks maybe she is going to meet some rival. He is going near to her and takes her in his arms just to help her. Here Helena is curiously waiting for Chandra.

Chandra Nandini 7th December 2016 Written Update:

She is waiting from last some time but Chandra is not coming there. She is going outside and asks one maid about the Chandra. She is getting hesitating. She is asking what hapened? Tell me the truth. She replies that I saw Chandra was going inside the Nandini’s room by taking her into his arms which makes Helena angry. She recalls all the words which were said by her mother that anger changes into love very easily. She is going near to Nandini’s room where Chandra is applying a medicine over Nandini’s injuries. Nandini screams and sounds makes Helena angry. Don’t know what is she thinking about Chandra and Nandini that what are they doing inside the room. Maybe she thinks about their intimate moments. A number of questions are coming in Helena’s mind.

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