Chandra Nandini 7th Februray 2017 Written Update Episode

Chandra Nandini 7th February 2017 Written Update Episode on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Dadi says to Chandra that your vote will decide that who will become mukhya rani of this mahal. Chandra thinks that Nandini denied to become Mukhya Rani. So that I have to give my vote to Helena only. Chandra says that I am giving my vote to Helena. Nandini gets shocked. Here Helena’s mother and Badi Maa are coming to meet Roopa.

Helena’s mother scold Roopa by asking that why didn’t you come there? Badi Maa is coming in between and says that all mistake is mine, I was giving a wrong medicine to Nandini. Due to which our plan was getting fail. Helena says how did you do this? I never get defeat anyone. Roopa gets angry and says that I am Mukhya Maharani and how are you talking to me like this. Helena’s mother laughs and says that my daughter Helena won this title and she became Mukhya Maharani of Magad.

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Chandra Nandini 7th February 2017 Written Update:

Suddenly, Helena is coming there and says Nandini is here? What is she doing here? Helena asks Nandini that Are you coming here to say sorry? Roopa gets angry to see Helena there. Helena is laughing at her by saying that I am Mukhya Maharani. Badi Maa says to Helena’s mother that you have to take Helena away from here. Otherwise Roopa will get out of control, as you already know her nature. Helena’s mother is going from there with Helena.

Here Nandini is feeling bad to think about Chanda’s decision that he supported Helena in front of all. Chandra comes there. Nandini says that you have taken Helena’s side. You are such a great type of king. Wow and let me touch your feet. Chandra asks Are you getting mad? Nandini says that yes I don’t want to become Mukhya Maharni but I have to complete dadi’s wish because she want to see me as Mukhya Maharani. But the reality is, she doesn’tt know anything like she don’t know aboutt Magad that how many types of languages, soil, people, and problems are here? How will she deal everyone. Chandra looks on. Nandini says that I am saying enough now. Even I am happy to see Helena as Mukhya Rani.

Here all people of Magad are getting hyper by hearing that Helena is a Mukhya MAHARANI. They are saying that our king Chandra is not doing right by making this abroad lady Helena as Mukhya Maharani. This is wrong. Now english man will rule Magad. Some sainik’s are coming there and asks what happened? They are coming to know about the thinking of Magad people. Here Chanakya comes to know everything whatever is going on in Magad i.e Chandra will be going to declare Helena as Mukhya Rani.

Here Chandra is taking a bath and he sits in his pool. He is recalling all words of Nandini that he did wrong by choosing Helena as Mukhya Rani. Roopa is becoming Nandini and she is coming in Chandra’s room where Chandra is bathing. Roopa is going near to the Chandra and starts to help him in bathing. Along with, Roopa says that  I know our relations are not good but if want then we have to make our relations good. She touches Chandra with an intimate feeling. Chandra looks on shockingly. Read more-> Chandra Nandini 8th February 2017 written update

Chandra Nandini 7th February 2017 Written Episode:

Roopa says to Chandra that please make me your Mukhya Maharani because the decision is in your hands. Chandra gets angry and throws water on her face. Chandra says I think you got your answer and then he goes from there. Roopa gets angry and thinks that nobody will say no to me. After this, Chandra is coming in his room where Nandini is sitting there. She thinks that Chandra is living with me only to show dadi ji. Otherwise, he is seeing with Helena only.

Chandra catches Nandini in his arms and says all the words to Nandini which Roopa told him. Nandini gets shocked and thinks that when I did all this? Chandra is blaming her very badly by saying that you are such a cheap lady because you can do anything to become Mukhya Rani. At last Chandra says that yu never become my wife because you are a cheap lady. He is going from there. Nandini is crying a lot and thinks that I know Chandra hates me but why I don’t hate him. In the next day morning, Chandra makes an announcement in front of all that Helena is a Mukhya Maharani from onwards. All Magad People are getting angry by saying that we can’t accept Helena as Mukhya rani. They starts tto do strike and shouts very badly. One of the man throws stone which may hits over Moora’s head. All people are getting shocked.

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