Chandra Nandini 8th December 2016 Written Update Episode 44th

Chandra Nandini 8th December 2016 Written Update Episode 44th on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Chandra is applying medicine on the Nandini’s injuries. She screams and sounds very badly. Helena is waiting for Chandra and she is coming near to the room. She hears everything and then goes back into her room. She is getting red in an anger. So that she can break everything into her room and then screams a lot.

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Durdhra is coming in Helena’s room and calls her. But she gets scared to see Helena’s anger. She thinks that today Helena didn’t get any human to  get eat. So that she is breaking non-living items. She is going back into her room. Here Chanakya calls Chandra to talk something urgently. He says to Chandra that someone is taking an entry inside our mahal. Chandra says it’s impossible, nobody is taking entry in this protection.

Chanakya says that you also took an entry in this mahal during a tight security. SSo you have to meet Dhan and then asks him about Amatya and don’t say him that you know about Nand. Apart from this, you won’t ask him about Nand, you have to ask him about Amatya. Here Amatya is talking to Nand and informs about the condition of Dhan in the mahal. Nand is getting angry to hear this. Here Chandra is asking to Dhan about Amatya but he is not saying anything to anyone. Chandra give shim only one day to say anything. Otherwise, I will kill you.

Chandra Nandini 8th December 2016 Written Update Episode 44th:

After some time, when Chandra says to Nandini to take rest till your injury will not get good. He is going to Durdhra’s room and then asks what happened? Why are you looking so scared? She replies to Chandra that she is breaking everything in her room and she is getting out of control. Click here-> Chandra Nandini 7th December 2016 written update. She says him that she threw everything in her room. Apart from this, I saw a lot of blood in Helena’s room. Chandra is getting shocked. He asks her didn’t you tell anything to anyone. She replies that I am so clever. So that I didn’t tell anything, I was coming back into my room.

Here Nandini is coming to talk to Avantika and comes to know about Dhan’s life. They both are looking so happy together. Nandini is about to getting up and she feels pain in her knees. Avantika asks what happened? Nandini says that I was falling down in the garden and got an injury. But he was applying a medicine on my injuries. I am trying to give him an injury but he is caring me.

Here Chandra is coming to meet Helena and asks her what happened? She told that I was inviting you last night but you didn’t come here. You were in Nandini’s room and I heard all the sounds. Chandra says that you are saying wrong, I was there to apply a medicine on her injuries. Apart from this, I went to meet Chanakya for some urgent talk. Helena says ok but I will wait for you tonight. She thinks that I will take revenge from Nandini at any cost and never let Chandra go into her room next time.

Chandra Nandini 8th December 2016 Written Update:

Here a sevika is coming to meet Nandini. Some guards are coming there and ask her what happened? She says that I want to meet Nandini at any cost. Those guards are trying to check out her. Helena is coming there and then asks what happened? They are saying everything to Helena. She gives permission to her to go. She is about to go but suddenly, Helena stops her. She gets one message from that sevika’s hairs in the form of the clip.

Helena reads out the letter and comes to know that Nand is alive. She gets shocked but she is trying to use this thing into her plan. She calls Nandini there and then asks her to stay here like a maid for me. You will follow my all rules and regulations because I am patrani of the Magad. Nandini says that I am rani of Magad. So that I won’t follow your rules. Helena says that I have something for you. She shows that letter to Nandini.

Nandini comes to know that her father is alive and she gets ready to become maid of Helena. Helena says to her to stay away from Chandra and does a rude behavior with him. If you won’t do this, then I will inform Chandra about your father and then he will your father. Nandini cries a lot and says that I will do whatever you say. Helena becomes happy. In the night, Nandini is in her room where Chandra is coming there and brings some books for her.

She gets happy but to recall Helena’s words she starts to do a rude behavior with him. Even she says so many bad words to Chandra which makes hin angry.

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