Chandra Nandini 9th December 2016 Written Update Episode 45th

Chandra Nandini 9th December 2016 Written Update Episode 45th on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Nandini is doing a bad behavior with Chandra and using some bad words against him which makes him angry a lot. After some time, Nandini is coming in Helena’s  room just to inform her that she behaved a very badly with Chandra as she wanted. Helena says ok to her. After this, she is waiting for Chandra in her room.

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After some time, Chandra is coming there and then says to Helena that Nandini has crossed her limits today. She did a bad behavior with me and recalled me everything. Helena is giving an emotional support to him and hugs him by saying that you don’t worry, I am here for you. Click here-> Chandra Nandini 8th December 2016 written update

Here Nandini is following someone who is going towards the temple. She recognizes that girl and that is Chaya (Chandra’s sister). She is going there and then hugs one  boy who is coming inside the temple by becoming as a jeweler. He says to Chaya that you are a princess here and I am an ordinary Jeweler. Saya says that I don’t consider myself as a princess and I want you only. Nandini is coming there.

Chaya is getting scared and then says to Nandini that please don’t tell anything to anyone. If Chandra will come to know that, he will kill Satya. Nandini says that if you loves Satya then you have to tell you everything to your brother then he will understand your feelings. Chaya says that he never understand my feeling because he doesn’t know what is love? Actually, when I was working there, we were falling in love together. But now I am becoming a princess of Magad.

Here asks Nandini what happened? Have you love someone? Nandini replies that I love my Pitahmaharaj and the person whom you loves a lot, you can do anything for him. Chaya says that I will also give my life for Satya. Here Helena is doing her breakfast but she don’t like it. She scolds her sevika and says her to bring the breakfast maker because she wants to scold her. Durdhra is hearing everything and thinks that Helena is eating non-veg very badly. She gets scared and running out from there.

Chandra Nandini 9th December 2016 Written Update Episode 45th:

Here two Sevika’s are tieing a rakhi on guards hand by saying that you are my brother and you can always take care of us. Nandini sees this and thinks that she was celebrating rakhi festival with her nine brothers. But today I have only one. She is getting emotional and then goes to tie a rakhi on her brother. But guards are giving permission to her for doing this. She orders them but they don’t hear her.

Here Chanakya meets Chandra with some new kings who are coming there to meet him. Helena, Durdhara, Moora, Chaya, and all other people are also present there. After some time, Chaya is celebrating rakhi with Chandra. All people are looking so happy. Chandra says to Chaya that I will fulfill your all wishes. Apart from this, I have one surprise for you. He fixes Chaya’s alliance with a prince who is sitting there. Chaya gets shocked and runs away from there.

Chandra Nandini 9th December 2016 Written Update Episode 45th:

Here Nandini is coming there and does a bad controversy with Chandra by saying that here you are celebrating rakhi with your sister but you are not giving me the permission to celebrate this festival with my brother. Chandra says that he is criminal. So that’s I never give permission to you. Nandini shouts very badly and goes from there. Chandra is coming behind her and scolds her very badly.

He says her that I am feeling so bad and I didn’t say any word there only for your respect but you were doing a bad behavior with me. You are king’s wife and king’s daughter too. But you have no sense how to behave with a king. Today I am giving you a permission to meet your brother only because I am no on who is coming in between the Indian tradition. Don’t you think that I am giving you a permission for what you did there.

Nandini is looking at him and then gets emotional. She is crying a lot after to see Dhan’s bad condition. Dhan is getting up and feels good to see Nandini there. He says to her not to cry because your brother is so strong. Nandini says that I am coming here to celebrate Rakhi with you. He asks who gave permission to you. She says that I am coming here with Chandra’s permission but I am making a promise with you that I will do anything to save my family. Dhan says that I want one thing more from you. She asks what? Dhan says that please help me from running away from there. Nandini gets silent. But after some time, she says that I will help you in this.

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