Chandra Nandini 9th October 2017 Written Update Episode Future Twist

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The serial starts with the scene when the stranger man who has claimed that Nandini is my Savitri, he is coming in Nandini’s room and then tries to snatch her dupatta by saying that you are my Savitri, not any Maharani Nandini. Nandini opens her eyes and then try to call someone for the help. But he closed Nandini’s mouth. Suddenly, Chandra wakes up and shouts by taking Nandini’s name because he was in the dream in which the stranger man was trying to take Nandini away with him.

Here Bindusaar is coming in Dharma’s room whereas he starts to blame Dharma and Nandini both because you were coming to the Magadh for implementing your plan and nothing else. You guys are coming here and then made your special place in Maharaj Chandra Gupta Maurya’s heart. This is what you people do here.

Chandra Nandini 9th October 2017 Written Update:

Here Chitra is coming and she hugs Bhadra from his backside. She asks Bhadra that what do you think? Are there two people having the same face like what di you think whether she is Maharani Nandini or not? Bhadra replies that if Mama Shree is thinking that she is Maharani Nandini then definitely, she is Maharani Nandini. Chitra says ok, I also pray to god that Mama ji will be getting so happy to see Nandini in this mahal forever. Here Chandra is going to Nandini’s room just to see her. Here Nandin feels that someone is coming into her room. She takes a knife in her hand and then attacks him. Chandra catches her and then says that I am Chandra. He hugs Nandini. She asks why are you coming here this time? Chandra says that I was worried for you. So that’s why I am coming here for you.

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Moora says to Dadi that I think she is not Nandini, she is someone else because this is impossible that someone was getting alive by falling down from the big height. How is it possible? Dadi says that whatever, I just want to see this problem solved as soon as possible because I don’t want to see my Chandra unhappy again in my life. The time from when the Nandini is coming back in Chandra’s life, he is always looking so happy to see this.  Helena is thinking about the Nandini and that strange man. She decides that she will help him in getting Nandini back and due to which, she will go out from this Mahal forever.

Chandra Nandini 9th October 2017 Written Episode:

Here Chandra says that I am coming here to see your face. Nandini says to Chandra you have to go back to your room because according to your decision, I have to live alone. I am not able to live with you or anybody else. Chandra says that I know very well but it doesn’t mean that I can’t see you. Nandini says that what will I say if everyone will come to know about your visit here in my room.

Here Bindusaar forced Dharma to sleep on the floor now. Dharma is trying to sleep on the floor but she is shivering because of the cold. She feels so much worse because Bindusaar is sleeping on the bed and she is laying down. Here someone else is taking an entry in Nandini’s room. Here Bindusaar wakes up and shouts on Nandini by saying that why are you doing this noise? Just keep quiet. Suddenly, the stranger man is saying to Nandini that you are my Savitri and that’s why I bought Imli for you because you forced me to bring Imli for you in a midnight and not you can’t remember anything.

Mohini says that Gurudev told me that I have managed for pranlartishta. Mohini says to Bheemdev ( the stranger who claims Nandini as his Savitri). Mohini starts to do some black magic. Suddenly, the wind starts to blow very fast and Here Nandini says to Chandra Gupta Maurya that please Maharaj, don’t you come into my room. Chandra asks Why Savitri? Nandini gets shocked to hear from Chandra. Chandra asks what happened? Poor Nandini gets shocked to see this face of Chandra Gupta Maurya.

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