Chandra Nandini Upcoming Story: Bindusaar Finds Nandini Innocent & Guilty Helena

Chandra Nandini Upcoming Story: Bindusaar Finds Nandini Innocent & Guilty Helena on

The most trendy show of the Star Plus channel is Chandra Nandini which is getting so much popular day by day and hence the people are getting curious time to time to know about the Chandra Nandini Upcoming Story because there are so many truths which are hiding in Magadh like some truth hides from Bindusaar, some are from Nandini and even though, some truth hides from Chandra aka Rajat Tokas too.

But here we are going to reveal one best news which is related to the Chandra, Nandini, Helena, and especially with Bindusaar. From his childhood timings, Bindusaar thinks that Nandini is that lady who has killed his mother Durdhraa and somewhere Helena played a crucial role in this matter because she has filled up Bindusaar’s ears every time and she forced him to believe on this matter that Nandini killed Durdhraa to get Chandra in her life.

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Chandra Nandini Upcoming Story: Bindusaar Accepts Nandini as his Choti Maa:

After to hear all of this, Bindusaar started to hate Nandini aka Shweta Prasad Basu and he started to maintain a distance too. But once a time when Bindusaar confront Chandra and Nandini for his mother’s death. That time, he blamed Nandini too. But Chandra was getting angry a lot and he slapped Bindusaar in the Sabha in front of all people. That time, Bindusaar feels ashamed very badly.

From that time, Bidusaar started to hate Nandini and Chandra both. But he hates Nandini more because she is the reason for everything according to his mind. Then Helena started to provoke him against Nandini in everything matter. All over Bindusaar started to hate Nandini like she is such a bad woman who may spoil everybody’s life in every aspect. But now in the upcoming episode of Chandra Nandini, Bindusaar will come to know about the truth like Helena is responsible for everything and Nandini is completely innocent.

So that Bindusaar accepted Nandini as his mother (choti maa) and Chandra as his father. Finally, Helena goes at her right place because now Bindusaar comes to know everything about the past like how Helena tortured everyone in the mahal and especially Nandini.


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  1. Syafina Bajeri

    So soon? O, my… The wonder boy also couldn’t help at all with the trp, right? What a shame. No, really, I don’t expect this

  2. Syafina Bajeri

    There’s so much to be explored. Why don’t you the scriptwriters refer back to classic Indian literatures? There are so many

  3. Syafina Bajeri

    how r u goin 2 plot some scenes where bindusar & dharma fall deeply in love in just a week? it should be somethin impressive.

  4. Syafina Bajeri

    will the end become a tragic one? bindusar falls in love with dharma 4 years later, chandra goes mad in penance, nandisi lost

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