Chandra Nandini Upcoming Story: Charumati’s Marriage Leads Bindusaar-Dharma Love Story

Chandra Nandini Upcoming Story September 2017: Charumati’s Marriage Leads Bindusaar-Dharma Love Story on

The Chandra Nandini Serial which is showcasing Bindusaar and Charumati’s Marriage. But Nandini is coming in between them which creates a big havoc in Bindusaar’s life. He is not ready to accept Nandini again in his life because he considered Nandini as Durdhra’s murderer. But he is unaware of the truth that Helena’s mother Apma was the person who has killed Durdhraa. Even though Helena is trying hard to stop Bindusaar and Charumati’s marriage. But Chandra wants their marriage.

Chandra Nandini Upcoming Story 2017: Adonis & Charumati’s Marriage Ahead Under Helena’s Plan

Chandra Nandini Upcoming Story: Charumati's Marriage Leads Bindusaar-Dharma Love Story

In the upcoming episode of the Chandra Nandini, Bindusaar runs away from the Mahal because he is having no mood to marry Charumati under these circumstances. So that, he runs away. Here Dharma comes to know about this news and she informs Nandini about this. Nandini says to Dharma that you have to bring Bindusaar at any cost.

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Here Bindusaar decides that he will never fall down in love because love always betrays. He is very much heartbroken to see Chandra and Nandini’s Re-Union. But after to get Nandini’s order. Dharma will go to find out Bindusaar somewhere. She will find out him and then get him somewhere in a badly drunk condition.

Chandra Nandini Upcoming Episode 2017: Bindusaar-Dharma Love Saga

Bindusaar will be getting emotional and when Dharma site aside from him. She will start to make him ready to go back to the Magadh Mahal. But he will not ready to go back. He will be getting emotional a lot and then he puts his head in Dharma’s laps. So that she will start to flow her hands on Bindusaar’s hairs because she will be getting too much emotion to see Bindusaar. Let see how will their love story begin?

Will Bindusaar and Dharam become life, partner?

Will Kartikeya take some step to see Bindusaar-Dharma together?

Will Dharma choose Bindusaar or Kartikeya?

Which one couple is best? Bindusaar-Dharma or Kartikeya-Dharma.

You guys may leave your answers of these question here below in the comment box. Your answers will lead a little Changement in the story. Leave your story predictions here.

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