Dil Se Dil Tak 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellySerialUpdate.com

The show starts with the scene in which the Dada ji is getting heart attack. He falls down on the floor. Shorvori calls Dadi ji and maa there for the help. Here Parth is getting blackmail call from Teni that she knows about the miscarriage of Shorvori. She says to Parth that whether you will give me so much money or I will say everything to your family. He informs Shorvori about this blackmail call. Parth says that he have to find out this blackmailer.

All people are coming there and brings dada ji inside. But when Parth is coming at home. He asks how it happened? Pohini says that Shorvori sat with babu ji  in the garden and don’t know what did she do? Suddenly, Babu ji was getting heart attack. Don’t know what she sis with him. Parth is coming to talk to Shorvori about this. She tells everything to Parth that she was going outside to met maa but she got dada ji there.

Then, Dada ji told her to sit with him for some time. He was very happy and also accepted me as his daughter-in-law. He was giving a lot of blessings to me. But when I was coming from there. I was about to fall down. Dada ji handled me and said me that I want my grandbaby safe. He told me to take care of his grandchild at any cost. Parth and Shorvori are coming in the temple. They are praying to god for good health of their dada ji.

Dil Se Dil Tak 10th February 2017 Written Update:

After some time, Dada ji is coming in a conscious state. All family members are coming there. The Doctor and Bharat are present there. Bharat says that dada ji is alright and he is out of danger too. All people are getting so happy. Bharat asks Shorvori that what did you do with babu ji that he got the heart attack. Suddenly, Dada ji says this is a matter of me and my daughter-in-law. Nobody interferes in between us. Shorvori and Parth are getting happy to see this. Later Dada ji says to Shorvori that you don’t worry, I am alright.

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After some time, Parth and Shorvori are going to the temple just to give money to the blackmailer. But when he reaches to the temple. He gets Teni’s call. She says him to put this bag in the dustbin and you will get your reports in your car. Parth puts the bag in the dustbin by inserting tracker in the bag. But when Teni is taking that bag from the dustbin. Parth is following her and catches her finally. He threatens her that he will make a complaint against her. Teni gives him a big lecture that you are doing wrong with your family by telling a lie then why I am wrong at my place.

Dil Se Dil Tak 10th February 2017 Written Episode:-

Here Shorvori is enjoying a story of Lord Krishna which is going on, in the Lord Krishna’s temple. Parth is also coming there. Both are watching the show. Shorvori asks Parth that you understand something. Parth says yes, we have to think to find out the surrogate mother for their child. Both are getting happy to get this idea. Here Pohini is making a plan against Shorvori and Parth. Actually, she want to bring a distance in between Dada ji and parth.

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