Dil Se Dil Tak 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellySerialUpdates.com

The Serial Starts with the scene in which the Teni is seeing that Shorvori’s call is coming on Parth’s phone. Teni thinks that she have to talk to her. She takes a phone. But Parth is coming there and snatches that phone from her. He says to Shorvori that he will talk to her later. Teni asks Parth that why is he hiding her from his wife. Parth says that Shorvori doesn’t know about you that you will be going to become a surrogate mother. So that’s why you won’ go in front of Shorvori and you won’t talk to her.

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Dil Se Dil Tak 21st February 2017 Written Update:

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Mr. Bhansali to Parth that we don’t do further proceedings without to write Teni’s surname (the surrogate mother). Parth says that her name will be Teni Bhanushali from now onwards. Here Teni is in the parlor. After some time, a parlor worker is coming there and asks Teni about the mangalsutra like this is yours? Teni replies. She makes her wear the same mangalsutra.

Dil Se Dil Tak 21st February 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, Shorvori is coming back to the home. Dadi asks where is Mangalsutra? Shorvori tells everything to dadi that how one girl broke her mangalsutra in the parlor. Parth is coming there and comes to know everything. He is trying to make Shorvori’s mood good. Everyone is supporting Parth in making Shorvori’s mood good. But she keeps silent for some time and then she smiles a lot. Suddenly, Jalpa is calling Parth. Baa sees Jalpa’s phone and says to put the phone on speaker. Parth is getting shocked. But he tells to Jalpa that all people are here. It’s very nice. Jalpa handles the situation and divert the topic.

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