Dil Se Dil Tak 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellySerialUpdate.com

The show starts with all people are getting so happy to see Shovori and Parth at home with a good news of pregnancy. Bharat says that we will have to celebrate this good news with a big function. Shovori and Parth are looking little tensed. Bharat asks dada ji that what happened? Dadi says we are happy and we don’t have any problem with this.

Dadi is giving a medicine to Shovori. Shovori gets happy. Later dada ji says that nobody will go from this house. Parth is getting so happy. All people are also getting happy except Parth’s chachi. She is trying to make a plan against Parth and all. Here Parth is getting so happy. He carries Shovori in his arms and says that I am so happy. He says that we were going to lose everything but now we get everything in our life.

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Dil Se Dil Tak 31st January 2017 Written Update:

Here Sejal and all other cousins of Parth are talking to each other about Parth and Shovori. Suyog says that if dada ji have stopped Parth bhaiya from going to America then might be dada forgive them. Suyog’s mother is coming there and starts to comment on Parth’s mother. Suddenly, dada ji is coming there. Suyog’s mother asks dada ji will Parth and Shovori eat breakfast here or not?

Dada ji says them to call Shovori and Parth here. Here Shovori and Parth are talking to each other about Jamla’s baby shower function. Suddenly, Suyog and his wife are coming upstairs to call Parth for the breakfast. Suyog says to Parth that dada ji is calling you and bhabhi for the breakfast. Shovori is getting happy. They are coming near to the dining table. But dada ji scolds them very badly by saying that I have stopped you from going to America because your wife is pregnant. If any other’s wife is pregnant then I did the same.

Dil Se Dil Tak 31st January 2017 Written Episode:-

Dadi gives one pooja thread to Shovori for better health of the baby. Parth and Shovori are getting so happy.  Dadi says that dada ji was sending this thread for her. Later Parth’s mother asks dadi what happened? Why were you telling a lie? Dadi says that my grand son’s daughter is pregnant and that’s why I thought to give some happiness to her. Parth’s mother gets happy. Dadi says that you don’t worry, this baby will re-unite every members of this house.

Next day, all people are looking very happy because Jalpa’s baby shower function is about to begin. Jalpa is coming there. Everyone welcomes her. Bharat Kumar is coming there with dholak and all. All people are getting so happy. All people are giving so many gifts to Jalpa. Parth offers sweets to her. Jalpa gets emotional. Later all house ladies are doing rituals with Jalpa. Parth starts to see a dream of Shovori that when she will do these rituals then how will she give her look? His dadi is coming here and catches Parth’s ear. He is coming out from his dream. A song plays on,”Mohabbat Ki Kahani, Ek Ruhani Ye Ibadat, Dil Se Dil Tak.” After some time, Parth is taking Shovori near to the wall and he is about to kill her. Suyog calls Parth.

Parth gets angry and says that Suyog is always coming at a wrong time. Suyog says to Parth that our classical dancer was not coming here. Bharat is getting out of control. Parth says you don’t worry, we will do something. Bharat who is watching someone for the classical dancer in the party. Thaani comes there and asks him for what he is looking here there. If she is here then why is he looking somewhere else. Why is he disturbing the whole city? Suyog asks who? Thaani says I am the only one who will fill colors in the weather or especially in this environment. Thaani enters and starts to dance on “Raamji song.” Parth is coming near to Shovori and winks at her. Read more-> Dil Se Dil Tak Wiki

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