Dil Se Dil Tak 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The show starts with the scene in which the Indu hugs Parth and gives him an emotional support to him. Suddenly, Shorvori is coming outside from her ward and asks maa what about me? Parth and Indu are looking at her. Shorvori says that you are having a hope that your son will come back in your arms, even you hug your son today after two years and 44 days. This 45th day brings your son near to you. But I am hopeless because I lost my baby and I don’t have any hope of my children. Indu runs towards Shorvori and hugs her. She says to Shorvori that how will we inform all family members about this news?

Dil Se Dil Tak 6th February 2017 Written Update:

Here Bharat is getting hyper and asks where is Shorvori? Why isn’t she coming here? Why isn’t she congratulate me yet? Dadi and Dada ji are trying to make him relax and makes him sit over there. Suddenly Parth’s chachi is coming there and starts to make a comment on Shorvori. Here Teni is trying to find out her Veejaa. She prays to god that she meets him soon. But when Teni opens her eyes. She sees Parth in front of her.

Baa makes a call to Parth and asks her where is Shorvori? Parth says we are in hospital. Baa gets tensed and asks what happened? Parth says I am coming back to the home and then tell you everything. Parth cuts the call and then Teni locks him in the bathroom. He shouts and asks what is this? Teni says that I want you to sign myself as your ad shoot model. Parth asks who are you? Teni thinks if he will come to know her real name then maybe he will make a complaint to police. She denies for telling her name. Teni says to Parth that you make a call to your secretary and finalize me. Parth makes a call to his secretary and tells her that one girl will come to our office and you will sign her for advertisement shooting. Teni gets happy and runs away from there.

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Parth is going to the ward room and gets Shorvori there. He hugs her and says sorry to her. Parth is making her to wear footwear and brings her to the home. Indu is also coming there. Earlier, Baa was saying to dada ji to please forgive Parth because he loves us a lot. But Dada ji was not giving any response. Here Parth, Shorvori, and Indu are coming there. Dada ji asks what happened? Suddenly, Parth’s chachi is coming there and says that something was happened to baa?

Dil Se Dil Tak 6th February 2017 Written Episode:-

All people are going to Baa’s room and then sees that Baa is throwing all her sarees, jewelry, and all other things. Indu asks what is this? Baa says all these things are not beyond my respect. I don’t want all these items. Parth asks what is this baa? What happened? Baa shouts and says that I am having a problem with you. Baa takes Parth and Shorvori outside the home by saying that we don’t want to see your faces because you people didn’t think about us. You think only for yourself and that’s why you got married. Baa says to Parth that you have chosen Shorvori at your own without to think about us. Then why are you living here. Finally, she says them to get out from here right now. Suddenly, Dada ji stops them and says to Baa to stop her drama right now.

Teni is coming back to her home. She dance on the song,”Aaj Main Upar Aasman Niche,” Her friend is coming there and asks what happened? Teni replies that I am going to America finally, Hats off to Bhanushali. Here Shorvori is crying a lot and says that Dadi did fight with Dadi ji only because of this upcoming baby. But she doesn’t know the truth. Parth is crying a lot and says her that we will tell truth to everyone in tomorrow’s Jalpa’s function. Here Dadi makes Dada happy to accept Parth and Shorvori again. Let see what will happen in tomorrow episode.

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