Four-Year Leap in Jaana Na Dil Se Door Serial Increases Viewers Eagerness

Here we share the latest news about Jaana Na Dil Se Door and that is, 4-Year Leap in Jaana Na Dil Se Door Serial Increases Viewers Eagerness. This is one of the most trendy show of Star Plus channel is Jaana Na Dil Se Door is all set to introduce a new twist in the show by bringing a four-year leap in the show. It would be interesting to watch JNDSD on Star Plus channel with the leading faces named as Shivani Surve and Vikram Singh Chauhan. They both are looking an adorable couple in this show. But they are also passing through the difficult time in the show. Firstly, they came close to each other as boy friend-girlfriend. But destiny was not ready to bring them together. So that’s why Shivani Surve aka Vividha married to another man i.e Ravish. Actually, Vividha’s father was doing this forcefully.

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He betrayed Vividha during her marriage time. That time, Atharva aka Vikram Singh Chauhan was waiting for her in the mandap. But Vividha married Ravish instead of Atharva. That time, everything was getting ruined and Vividha was going in trauma after her marriage when she got separated from her life Atharva. A very critical time was coming in their life and then Atharva was also getting mentally disturbed. Due to which he forgot Vividha and started to live in his own madness. His mother Sujata was taking care of him. Here Ravish and Vividha’s marriage life is at rest because Vividha never accepts Ravish as her husband. But Ravish started to love Vividha when she came into his life.

4-Year Leap in Jaana Na Dil Se Door Star Plus Serial- Latest News:

After some time, Atharva gets alright and his condition is getting better. Then, Vividha decides to marry Atharva by taking a divorce from Ravish. All the procedure is going on smoothly. But Atharva is not ready to marry her. Vividha insisted him to marry her because they love each other. In between this, Destiny introduces a new twist and that is, Ravish and Atharva, both are the step brothers which makes everybody shocked.

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But Vividha’s decision is same. But somewhere Atharva is getting his medical reports which show that he is not having a more time and he will die soon. So that’s why Atharva is not ready to marry Vividha because he doesn’t to give a pain to her.Even he doesn’t share this issue with her. Vividha thinks that Atharva doesn’t love her and that’s why he deny to marry her. But Atharva is giving another reason to Vividha and that is, she loves Ravish not him. So that, Ravish is perfect for her. Vividha is not ready to marry Ravish again.

After some time, Vividha sits in the mandap but Atharva ran away by saying to his mother that if he will no live then how will he marry Vividha. It’s better to run away from here right now. Later he comes to know that his medical reports are fake. He is alright. Atharva is coming back tot he mandap and marry Vividha. After this, 4-year leap is coming in the show. Now the show makers will show that Atharva and Vividha are happily married-couple with a 4 years son named as Madhav. But Ravish is doing Madhav’s upbringing and nurturing because he didn’t marry anyone. Let see what will be the next in the show.

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