Gangaa 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial Starts with the scene in which the Ganga is getting stuck in a very big problem. But now the question arises that how will Ganga come out from such type of conditions. As we know, she is so strong and that’s why she will come out from such type of circumstances. Ganga is on the road and says to Shiv that you have to go fast because I am walking slowly. Shiv replies that I don’t leave you here alone in a mid-night. You have to come with me now.

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Here Ganga’s daughter is getting into a big trouble because some goons were kidnapped her and takes her away from her home. Just to find out Radhika (Shiv’s daughter). Shiv and Ganga are running here and there just to find out her. Ganga and Shiv are getting a car there.  They are going through the road and they are seeing the same car there who kidnapped Radhika that time. Shiv says that it is the same car. So we have to go there and finds out her.

Gangaa 20th February 2017 Written Update:

Here Ganga and Shiva are coming inside the jungle. Shiv and Ganga are roaming here and there in the jungle. But as Ganga’s leg is injured very badly. So that’s why Shiv says her to sit here easily and let me find out her in the jungle. Ganga says no, I am also coming with you. Shiv says no because your leg is bleeding very badly and that’s why you have to sit here. Ganga sits there. Shiv is coming inside and he is calling Radhika’s name back to back.

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Gangaa 20th February 2017 Written Episode:

Ganga replies that you just keep quite because you father is here and maybe he is coming here soon. Goons are saying that we are getting a lottery today by getting this girl and her mother too. This is such a big opportunity to get so much money in return of Radhika and Ganga. Shiv comes there and untie them. He says that you people will run towards the road when I will give you a direction. Even Police is also coming here soon. So you don’t worry, we will release soon. After some time, Shiv is coming in front of the goons. All goons are starting to do fight with Shiv. Radhika and Ganga are getting shocked to see that goons bit Shiv on his head very badly. He falls down and not able to say anything.

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