Gangaa 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial Starts with the scene in which the Bhartaar is talking to his mother that I just want to kill Ganga as soon as possible. So you worry, we will plan against her very soon. So you don’t worry. Bhartaar says that I am waiting badly to kill her. Later Bhartaar’s mother says to Ganga to prepare a food for the guests because all the main guests will be coming here. After some time, when Ganga prepares all the food. Bhartaar’s mother checks out it and says that you are making such a pathetic food.

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Here Ganga replies that I will make food at my own. But her mother-in-law replies that your leg is getting injured then how you will make a food. Ganga replies that I will make food easily because my hands are alright. Next day, Bhartaar and his mother are talking to each other by saying that we just want to defame Ganga and nothing else. But we can’t play with Jha family respect, we just want to defame Ganga. After sometime, they spoiled Ganga’s food by putting dust in the food.

Gangaa 21st February 2017 Written Update:

Bhartaar’s mother scolds Ganga by saying that what type of food you are making here? Ganga says that I amde good one but I don’t know how food is getting spoiled. Bhartaar’s mother says that what will be serve to the guests? What will we do? Bhartaar says that we will bring food from an outsdie area. Ganga says that no, I have to make food again. You just tell me how much time is left? They are replying that you have only one hour and in this one hour, you will make this food. Shiv says that you have to make this food as fast as possible.

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Gangaa 21st February 2017 Written Episode:

Later Ganga starts to prepare a food. She thinks that she made a good food but don’t know, who spoiled my food. She starts to make the food. Shiv is coming there. Ganga says to Shiv that I just want ti ask you that you believe me or not? Shiv replies that you know the meaning of Annapurna or not? Annapurna means you will make food for all people with a full dedication and by heart. So you just keep quiet and make your food.

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