Ikyawann Upcoming News: Parekhs and Leela Devi Confronts Each Other, Creates Havoc

Ikyawann Upcoming News 2017: Parekhs and Leela Devi Confronts Each Other, Creates Havoc on TellySerialUpdates.com

The newly started Hindi TV show on the Star Plus channel is Ikyawann. This is one of the most popular and interesting shows which is now creating an interesting story and concept on the Indian Television screen. Actually, this show is having a concept which may be related to the women empowerment. But now it’s a time to introduce a major twist in the show ahead which will shatter a storyline of the show. It would be nice to watch out whether it is good or not? We are giving you a news of this serial here below.

As per last and current episodes, the Parekh family is being migrated to the Surat where they get finds a peaceful life. On the other side, Leela is also following Parekh’s family along with her own family because her motive is to kill Parekh’s only daughter Susheel. She wants to kill this new generation of Parekh Family and finish the name of this family completely. But let see what will be the next here.

In the upcoming episode of the Ikyawann Serial 2017, Parekhs are coming to the temple for doing a pray for well being and happiness. On the other side, Leela Devi is also coming there. Their big face-off happens there. They both confront each other completely and then gets shocked too. Actually, Leela wants to take revenge from the family and for which she wants to kill Susheel.

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