Indian Idol 9 Winner Name Grand Finale 2016-17 Finalist, Prize Money LV Revanth

Getting agog to know Indian Idol 9 2017 Winner Name– Check Indian Idol Season 9 Grand Finale Winner Name, Prize Money – Indian Idol season 9 winner name 2016-2017 | Indian Idol all season winners| Indian idol 9 ka winner #IndianIdol9 Who do you think will win the show – #KhudaBaksh, #PVSNRohit or #LNRevanth

Who wins Indian Idol 9 The Name is LV RevanthLV Revanth

The one of the gigantic platform for Chorus where a number of individuals can perform with their full dedication and enthusiasm which is named as Indian Idol Season 9 or Indian Idol 2016-17. This singing reality show may get telecast on Sony Entertainment Television on every weekend. As we know, India is having so much talent and ability not only in the youngsters. Even we can see the same zeal in aged people too who are always ready to perform just to reflect their skills, hobby, or talent. But here we tell you about the Indian Idol 2016-17 Winner.

Indian Idol 9 Winner Name 2017 Prediction: Who Will Win?

Indian Idol season 9 was started before some months and now it will reach to its finale on this coming Sunday which will be on 2nd April 2017. On this Sunday, India’s 9th Indian Idol will get manifest in front of you. As we know, every singing reality show is giving a full power to the viewers to choose their favorite one or to vote for their loving contestant. Similarly, the Indian Idol 9 contestants will get a vote from the side of the viewers which will decide their future and career also. Their votes will decide Indian Idol 9 grand finale winner on 2nd April 2017, Sunday. The prediction says that Rohit PVNS will win the show.

Now you are getting curious to know about the top 3 contestants of Indian Idol 9 Sony TV Singing Reality Show. These three were getting a lot of votes and that’s why they reached to the top three positions of Sony TV reality show Indian Idol 9. This show is having three fantastic judges named as Farah Khan, Sonu Nigam, and Annu Kapoor. Actually, they are very excited to think about the Indian Idol 9 Grand Finale Winner name 2017. 

Indian Idol 9 Winner Name Grand Finale 2016-17 Finalist, Prize Money Announced

Indian Idol Winner Name 2016-17 Announce/Leaked:

As we all know if these top three contestants are getting top three positions. It means they are so much hard working and dedicated who won viewers’ heart and now sitting in the top 3 positions of Indian Idol 2017. I know you are getting agog to know about the top 3 contestants name, profile, photo, prize money, and all. So don’t you worry about this. You just get ready to read out the complete information which is given here below about the Indian Idol 9 Winner 2016-17. The top three contestants are also in a big tension because one will be the winner out of these three. But who? Nobody knows yet. Everyone is waiting for the Grand Finale of Indian Idol season 9.

Who is Indian Idol 9 Winner?

Actually, there were so many singers in the starting of the show. But every episode introduced one elimination. Back to back eliminations will lead to these top three contestants. In the Indian idol 9 Grand Premier, the Top 5 Indian Idol Singer Contestants were getting introduced. Thereafter, the 28th January 2017 introduced Gala round in which LV Revanth, Mohit Chopra, Malvika Sundar, Shravan, Hardeep Singh were getting into the safe zone. Apart from this, the Contestants such as Jeli Kayi, Khuda Baksh, Mansi, Tajinder Singh and PVNS Rohit were getting sent out just for the Sunday Double Imtehaan.

But the another 2 (two) Contestants named as Jeli Kayi and Mansi Bhardwaj were going into the unsafe List. After some rounds of Indian Idol 9, the contestants like Hardeep Singh, Tajinder Singh, Mohit Chopra were Evicted. After that, we got final 4 contestants who were counted as top 4 contestants singer list.  Out of these four contestants, the singer Malavika Sundar was also eliminated on 25th March 2017 and then we got Top 3 Finalists Singer Contestants.

Indian Idol 9 Top 3 contestant names are:

Rohit PVNS: He is a boy who belongs to Hyderabad who is having a nawab style and also have an extraordinary talent of singing, Let see he will become Indian Idol 9 Winner or not. 

LV Revanth: He is also belonging to Hyderabad but he is a Tollywood singer with his fantastic singing style. Everyone loves to hear him on the grand platform of Indian Idol 9. Maybe he will defeat Rohit PVNS in Indian Idol 9 Grand Finale Episode 2016-17 on 2nd April 2017. 

Khuda Baksh: He belongs to Punjab who is having an adorable voice of singing. He belongs to an ordinary family where his mother prays a lot for his success. There are so many viewers who love Khuda Baksh and maybe he will win Indian Idol 9 2017 trophy. 

Indian Idol 9 2017 Winner Prize Money: 25 Lakh Rupees

As we know, the singing reality show will soon reach to its grand finale episode. For which all people are searching for the Indian Idol 2017 winner name or Indian Idol Winner name 2016-17 or Indian Idol Winner prize Money 2017. So just don’t worry, here we will tell you about the Indian Idol Winner Prize Money and that is, 25 lakhs Rupee. This is such a big amount but to get this amount, every contestant will do hard and win viewers heart at any cost. It would be getting so much difficult for every contestant because all these top 3 contestants are good, fabulous, talented, and dedicated. It will be getting difficult for the viewers to choose one out of 3. But the contestant who will make his place in viewers heart. He will be the Indian Idol 9 Winner 2017. 

L to R Bollywood singers Anu Mallik, actor Shilpa Shetty, filmmaker Farah Khan and singer Sonu Nigam along with the contestants of Indian Idol on the sets of Indian Idol in Mumbai, India on March 14, 2017. Utsav Devdutta/SOLARIS IMAGES

 Indian Idol 1 winner Abhijeet Sawant
Indian Idol 2 winner Sandeep Acharya
Indian Idol 3 winner Parshant Tamang
Indian Idol 4 winner Sourabhee Debbarama
Indian Idol 5 winner Sreeram Chandra
Indian Idol 6 winner Vipul Mehta
Indian Idol 7 winner Anjana Padmanabhan
Indian Idol 8 winner Ananya Sritam Nanda
Indian Idol 9 winner LV Revanth

So, guys, it would be getting difficult for you to take a right decision of choosing the best candidate out of these three top finalists of Indian Idol season 9. To know Indian Idol 9 Winner name 2017. You just stay tuned with us because we will update you will all the latest news of Indian Idol 2016-17 singing reality show on the Sony Entertainment television.

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