Ishqbaaz 10th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 10th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Shivaay throws Anika in the swimming pool and then he jump too. He is catching Anika by her back. He asks will you say sorry to her or not? Anika says that you are not that Shivaay Singh Oberoi whom I know before some time. Shivaay says that you are also not that Anika whom I knew before some time. She says that I am ready to say sorry to Tia.

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Shivaay brings Anika in Tia’s room and says her to say sorry to Tia now. Tia says that what happened? How are you getting wet? Shivaay says it’s ok Tia, Aniak will say sorry to you. Tia says it’s ok. Shivaay says no, I don’t need any sorry. Anika is looking at him. He says what are you looking here. Tia is there, so you have to go there and says sorry to her. Anika is feeling so bad, she thinks what will she do to hurt Tia in reality. She is going near to Tia where Tia is getting so happy to see her.

Anika takes a pepper spray bottle and spray it inside Tia’s eyes which make Tia hurts very badly. After this, Anika says sorry to her. Shivaay asks what is this? Tia screams in a pain and says that she sprayed again. Anika says that you told me to say sorry to her because I did a mistake. But in reality, I didn’t make a mistake. But now I made a mistake and that’s why I said sorry to her. Click here-> Ishqbaaz 9th December 2016 written update

Ishqbaaz 10th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

After this, Anika is going from there.  Tia screams badly in the pain. Shivaay is trying to help her. Tia says that, did you see that she attacked on me in front of you. So you just think what is she doing behind you. She complains that you are not handling her, even you are not forcing her to say sorry to me. You are not that Shivaay from which an universe is getting scared. Even I think you got married to her only because of your happiness. Shivaay asks what?

She says that if you don’t like her then why are you not throwing her out from the home. Shivaay says that please give me some time and then see what will I do? Here Dadi is coming in Anika’s room and asks her what happened? How are you getting wet? Shivaay is coming there and shouts. But when he sees dadi there. He gets stop down. Dadi asks you are also wet, what happened?

Anika is about to tell the truth but Shivaay changes the statement by saying that Anika was falling down in the swimming pool because she was slipping down. I was also jumping inside the pool just to save her. Dadi says ok you people will change your clothes and I will send you the soup. Anika says my all clothes are at my home. Dadi says no beta, I told Soumya to bring your clothes and she arranged your clothes in the wardrobe.

Shivaay gets angry and asks what? Are you putting Anika’s clothes in my wardrobe? Who did this? Dadi says that I did this. I am your dadi and Anika is your wife. She is having a half right on your all things. So that you have to share you wardrobe with her. Ddai is going from there. Anika says to Shivaay to get side because she want her clothes from wardrobe. Shivaay says ok.

Anika takes her clothes and then asks why you told a lie to dadi? Shivaay says you are also a lier. Anika says never, Shivaay says that I know hat type of girl you are? Anika asks what? He says I don’t want to talk to you. After this, she takes a pillow and about to go from there. Shivaay asks where are you going now? She replies I am going outside to get sleep.

He says that you don’t go anywhere else, you have to sleep here because you are suffered by fever. So that you have to sleep her. After this, she is sleeping there. Shivaay thinks that she is sleeping now without taking a medicine, if fever will increase then everyone will blame me. He is going outside to bring medicine for her. Here Anika is seeing  a bad dream and she gets scared in her dream. Shivaay comes there. He carry Anika in his arms and puts her on the bed.

She screams in her dream. Shivaay wakes her up and says that it’s just a bad dream. Suddenly, light gets off. Anika hugs him and says that please switch on the light, I am so scared. She hugs him so tightly. He is feeling good but he shows his anger. After this she gets sleep in the same position in which she hugs him. He calls her but she is not replying him. She puts her down on the bed and when he is about to go. Anika catches his hand during her sleep.

Ishqbaaz 10th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Shivaay looks back and sees her. He is getting mesmerized to see her. Here Tia is talking to her mother about Anika and Shivaay that I provoked Shivaay against Anika. So you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright. In the next day morning, Dadi says to Pinky and Jhanvi that today is Anika’s pag phera ritual. Pinky says that Shivaay is not accepting her as his wife, then why are doing all these rituals? Dadi says that you just do what I say. Pinky says ok to her. Here Shivaay is talking to someone about his work. Anika gets up and thinks that how was she coming on the bed from sofa. She asks him. He says don’t you know. You got up, throw me, and sleeps down here. Anika says really. He says yes.

Here Anika is getting ready after to take a bath. She is coming in front of the mirror and she is applying sindoor in her hair line. Shivaay is coming there. She applies that sindoor and Shivaay is looking at her.


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