Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Anika is going to Svetlana’s room where she finds Svetlana’s footwears which might completely burn by the chemical or acid. Suddenly, a point strikes in Anika’s mind that here is acid and there was also an acid in their coffee. She thinks Svetlana’s is trying to kill Shivaay. But why? She gets tensed very badly. Anika comes out from this room.

After this, Anika is coming in her room where she tells everything to Shivaay but he is not taking her words seriously. She asks him that don’t you get scared to think that someone is trying to kill you. Shivaay replies that I don’t scared by this. But when I saw you in a bad condition then I was getting scared too. She says that I am going from here. Shivaay catches her and starts to do a romance with her.

Here Jhanvi and Dadi are coming in Svetlana’s room where Dadi says her thank you for saving Tej’s life. But now I want to say something to you and that is, your presence created a lot of issues here in Oberoi Mansion. Jhanvi says let me tell you in clear words and that is, you have to leave this home now. Even I am not saying all this by becoming Tej’s wife, even I am saying this only for my son’s better health. Jhanvi added that my son OM is not happy to see you here. So please don’t do this.

Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 Written Update:

Svetlana replies that I never follow other’s rules or regulations. I am not coming here as per my wish, even though Tej brought me here. But if you don’t want to see me here then I will go from here today. Jhanvi is laughing a lot and she goes ou with dadi. Suddenly, Tia is coming there and asks her now what will we do? Svetlana replies that you just wait and watch. Suddenly, Tia gets Romi’s call and then comes to know that Tej is reaching at Oberoi Mansion. Here Svetlana says to Tia that I am ready. So you take me outside near to the stairs.

There she sees Jhanvi near the stairs. Whereas Svetlana is coming there on her wheelchair and then just to divert Anika’s mind. Svetlana is falling down from her wheelchair directly on the stairs. All over she is falling down and gets injured again too. Jhanvi gets shocked very badly to see this accident of Svetlana. Anika and Svetlana are running towards her. Let see what will be the next in the show. Read more-> Ishqbaaz 11th January 2017 written update

Ishqbaaz 10th January 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, Tej is coming there and sees everything. He gets shocked and takes Svetlana from the stairs. He asks what happened? Tell me, please. Svetlana says that maybe Jhanvi pushed me from the stairs and then I was falling down. Tej Singh is getting angry very badly. He shouts and then all people are coming there. Svetlana says that I want to go from here now. Tej Singh ask what happened? She replies nothing. He asks again? But she indicates towards Jhanvi. He asks Jhanvi that you told her to go from here. Jhanvi is about to give an answer. But Tej asks her yes or no? She says yes but I was doing that only for my son OM.

Dadi comes there and stops Tej from saying anything to Jhanvi. She says that I told Jhanvi for saying all this and that was my decision only. Tej says her not to hide Jhanvi’s activities. Tej starts to scold Jhanvi very badly. Pinky is coming in between them and stops Tej from saying anything to Jhanvi because she is innocent and she never do anything wrong in this home. Even though, Svetlana is a stranger, so she has to go from here right now. Tej stops her but Pinky didn’t listen him and continue her words. At last, Tej says that if nobody wanted to see me here then I have to go from here right now with Svetlana. But Svetlana is trying to handle him. But Tej says that we are going from here right  now. Suddenly, Om ccomes there and syas that I don’t have any problem. So you have to stay here easily. All people are getting shocked.

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