Ishqbaaz 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 10th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Shivaay is talking to Tiwari and asks for the update. Here Tiwari is going behind Daksh’s car and catches someone else in Daksh’s car. He asks him who are you. He replies that I am Rohit., Tiwari asks what is your relationship with Daksh. He replies that Daksh is my friend and I borrow his car for some time. Tiwari says ok. Daksh is reaching Oberoi mansion. Kamini asks him why are you getting late? Daksh replies that someone as trying to stop me. Kamini asks who dare this. Daksh replies that

Kamini says that Shakti was singing a song for me. Pinky says I know which song he used to sing? Kamini asks what? Pinky says I know he was singing,”Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai.” Kamini laughs and says that you are so funny. Pinky says yes I know. Kamini says to Shakti to fix a flower in her hairs. Tej laughs and says to Shakti to go to fix a flower.

Tiwari comes inside and informs Shivaay that Media people are coming outside. Shivaaya asks who invited them? Kamini says I invited them because they wanted to come here because my son is getting to tie with Oberoi girl. So that’s why they are getting curious to attend this function. Shivaay says this is our private function then why? Kamini says it’s good that we invited them here. Otherwise, they will print rumors there.

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Ishqbaaz 10th March Written Episode Update:

Shivaay says to Tiwari to bring media inside. On the other side, Shivaay kidnapped Daksh from the function. Later Shivaay is talking to Daksh via phone and says that I won’t let you become the part of this function. So you just sit there and let me do my sister’s marriage here. Daksh laughs and says that you can’t do anything with me because my sister’s son is ACP. Here media says to give one family picture.

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All people are coming together. Kamini asks where is Daksh? Shivaay says I saw him outside on the phone. So let him to talk. Here we can give a family pose. Anika is going from there. Shivaay stops her and catches her hand. She asks why are you stopping me. Shivaay says our family picture is incomplete without you. Anika looks on and says that Kamini aunty will be getting upset. Shivaay says whatever, you have to stand here with me.

Ishqbaaz 10th March Written Episode Update:

Suddenly, media starts to ask a number of questions to Shivaay about his life, family, and especially for Anika. They are asking like where is Tia Kapoor? You married her before some time then where is she? Why is she not here? Shivaay is about to say something. But suddenly, a man is falling down on the table in the hall room.

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