Ishqbaaz 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 11th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Shivaay makes a complaint against Svetlana in the Police Station just to make her arrest. Shivaay files a complaint of blackmailing against Svetlana. Shakti is coming there and asks what happened? What are you doing here? Shivaay says when Police will arrest, Svetlana will get scared once. Shakti replies that when Tej bhai sahab will come to know about this, he will be getting angry a lot.

Shivaay says that f you want to earn on your own then I am having a project in Bareily. Actually, I want to make a 5-star hotel there. But that land belongs to Kail Thakur and he is such a big goon. He is not giving a permission to us for this project. This deal worth money 500 crores. So if you want to break this deal then you have to do this and earn 500 Crore. Omkara replies that I will go there and breaks this deal at any cost. Shivaay says him that you just prepare yourself for going there and I will all arrangements.

Later Police is coming there and finds out Svetlana there. But they don’t get Svetlana there. Shivaay says to Rudra to help them. Rudra and all Police constables are roaming in a whole house just to find out Svetlana but they don’t get Svetlana anywhere. Shivaay says to the Police Inspector that you don’t worry, I will look after all the matter and you will find out Svetlana outside the house.

Shivaay is coming to his room where he asks Anika how this Almira is locked? Who locked this Almira? Anika replies I locked this Almira but now I forgot the key. Shivaay shouts at her very badly and says her to find out the key right now. Shivaay also starts to find out the keys and then opens the Almira. Later Shivaay scolds Anika very badly by saying that you bring a lot of problems in my life. Shivaay gets Svetlana in his Almira.

Ishqbaaz 11th February 2017 Written Update:

Svetlana says to Shivaay that I am Omkara’s fiance and nobody can send me to the jail. If media will come to know about this news, It would be wrong for Oberoi family. Svetlana says that game is really very interesting. Shivaay throws her out from his room. After this, he asks Anika that what did you do? Why were you doing this? Anika replies that Svetlana di is nice and that’s why I saved her by doing this. Shivaay says that you are getting mad and that’s why you are doing all this.

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After some time, Shivaay throws Anika in the swimming pool very badly. Even he is also jumping in it. Anika comes out from the water and then comes near to Shivaay very romantically. Shivaay is also coming near to her and catches her in his arms. Both are looking into each other’s eyes. Anika is looking continuously. Shivaay shouts and asks her to say anything. He asks have you remember anything? Anika ays yes I remember that I forgot to put kumkum in pooja thali. Anika runs away from there.

Ishqbaaz 11th February 2017 Written Episode

Here Shivaay is planning hard to bring Anika’s memory back. He is giving some directions to Khanna. Khanna asks him that are you sure? You want to do this? Shivaay replies yes. Khanna says are you sure we will do this inside the home? Shivaay says yes. Here Anika and Dadi are in the kitchen. Anika says that I made aaloo puri for Shivaay. Hope he will like this. Suddenly, Shivaay calls Anika. Anika and Dadi are going in the hall room. They gets shocked to see cow in the hall room. Especially when they come to know that Shivaay brought this cow inside the house.

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