Ishqbaaz 11th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 11th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Kamini asks Daksh about the truth. She says to Daksh to tell everything to her as soon as possible without to get scared from anyone. Daksh says that Shivaay didn’t want to bring me in front of the press. So that’s why he hanged me in the sack. Shivaay says to Daksh to leave now. Daksh leaked some pictures. Media asks Shivaay what is this?

Daksh shows his engagement pictures with Anika and says that we got engaged on the same day when Shivaay married to Tia. But now Shivaay is living with Anika instead of Tia. Why? Is there anybody who can ask Shivaay that what is going on? All Press and Media people are present there. Daksh blames Anika that you preferred to become a mistress of Shivaay instead of became my wife. You have chosen money instead of me. Daksh shows some more pictures and videos to the media. He says that Shivaay trapped me in a fake police case and what was my fault. Only this, that I love Anika.

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Ishqbaaz 11th March Written Episode Update:

Kamini shouts and says to all that why are you standing silent here? Why are you not saying something against Anika. She is a characterless girl and that’s why we have to throw her out from this house. Daksh says that Anika is your mistress but you doesn’t accept this. Why? Media people starts to blame Shivaay by calling him a defamed person of the soceity. Shivaay is getting angry a lot. Daksh says to Shivaay that you have to accept this and you have to call Anika as your mistress in front of all right now. If you don’t clarify this matter, then media people will blame you back to back. Just answer them.

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Shivaay is trying to say something but he recalled Priyanka’s words that she want to marry Ranveer at any cost. So that’s why he have to do whatever Daksh is saying to him. Shivaay stands silent. Daksh says that if Shivaay is right at his place then he give an answer but as we see, he is standing silent here. It means, he is not right. He is hiding something.

Ishqbaaz 11th March Written Episode Update:

Shivaay says to all that Anika is not only Anika, she is Anika Shivaay Oberoi. She is my wife and I never tolerate if someone will say anything which hurts my Anika. I won’t leave that person who will hurt her. Anika looks back and gets teary. She gets emotional too. Rudra, Omkara, and Priyanka are getting so happy to hear this. Even Anika is feeling complete after to hear this. Shivaay added that she is not only my wife, she is my strength and my everything. He asks Anika why were you going from here? Anika replies that today is a matter fo Priyanka’s happiness. So that’s why I was going from here. Shivaay says that I never hurt you and never let anyone hurt you. Anika looks on and says that I came to know that Daksh was blackmailing you. I knew everything and that’s why I have decided to go out from here because I can’t see Priyanka unhappy because of me. It’s a matter of Oberoi’s name and respect. Shivaay is getting emotional to hear this.

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