Ishqbaaz 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Ishqbaaz 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Ishqbaaz. Spoilers & latest news/Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Mahi says to Kamini that why are you doing this? Why are you trying to kill Shivaay because this is wrong to kill someone innocent? Kamini says that I am shocked to see your changing behavior. Why are you getting emotional? He says that we are coming here to steal 200 Crore Rs worth diamonds not to do anything wrong with Priyanka and Shivaay. Kamini gets angry. She says him that you have no need to think anything. You just forget everything and concentrate on your plan execution.

Later Mahi thinks that something is going to be wrong. But what? Here Anika says to Priyanka that you just give me your dress and you also get ready. She is trying to call Shivaay but his number is getting switched off. Later, Ranveer, Kamini, Mahi, Rudra, Tej Singh, Priyanka, and all other people are coming in the hall room whereas Pinky says to start the marriage rituals. Kamini stops her and says that I want you to remember something.

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Ishqbaaz 12th April Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story

Pinky asks what? Kamini says that you already told me that you people will give 200 Cr rupee diamonds. So where are diamonds? Mahi aka Fake Shivaay says to Tej Singh to give diamonds to Kamini. Tej Singh gives those diamonds to Kamini. She says that I brought my jeweler here because last time you gave us a duplicate jewelry. So that, I am not ready to take any chance this time.  So that my jeweler will check out these diamonds right now. Now the jeweler comes there and checks out everything.

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After to check out, Jeweller says that diamonds are real. After this, Kamini says that now we will start marriage rituals. Suddenly, a news spreads out like Priyanka Oberoi is Pregnant. Kamini shouts very badly and says that Oberoi’s are really characterless people and Priyanka Oberoi has proved this. Even though my son didn’t know about this truth. Ranveer says yes I don’t know about this. Kamini says that I am not doing this marriage now because I don’t want any characterless daughter-in-law.

Ishqbaaz 12th April Written Episode Update

At last, Kamini says that you have to remove your dupatta and show your characterless face to all media people. She removes the dupatta and gets Anika there. Kamini says that what is this going on? What is Anika doing at Priyanka’s place? Anika says that what do you think, you are the only planner? Kamini asks what? Have you given any answer to me? Pinky says that I think Kamini is ready to get defame by us. Tej, dadi, and Shakti are coming forward to threaten Kamini. Anika says that what do you thinks? You were making a fool of us? But you don’t know that we are making you a big fool.

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