Ishqbaaz 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which all people are gathering in the hall room where Anika and Shivaay are also coming. Shivaay gives one gift box to Anika. She says thanks to Shivaay. Anika puts that gift on the sofa. But Shivaay forces her to open the gift now in front of all family members. Dadi says to Anika to open the gift because it’s thea first gift from Shivaay’s side to you. Tia is also coming there and hugs Pinky. All people are getting so happy.  Rudra says to Om that Tia is such a cheap girl and that’s why she is coming here again, which is so embarrassing.

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Anika feels good from inside and opens the box. She gets shocked to see it. Om takes that box from Anika’s hand and checks it out. He says these are divorce papers. Everyone in the home are getting shocked except Tia. She gets so happy to see this. Anika gets shattered and looks at Shivaay with teary eyes. Shivaay is looking like a stone. Click here-> Ishqbaaz 10th December 2016 written update.

Tia is getting so happy and hugs him very tightly. She says that I am so happy and you are giving me a big gift of my life. After this, she says to Anika that you are going to your home earlier but now you are going to your home forever. Dadi is getting emotional. Soumya is coming there and says to Anika that see, here is a big surprise for you. Suddenly, Sahil is coming there and calls Anika di. But he is coming with a stick because his one leg is not good and he is not able to talk on his own. So that he is using a stick. Shivaay is getting shocked to see him.

He recalls all the moments in which he said wrong to Sahil. He is getting on himself. Suddenly, Sahil is falling down and Anika runs towards him to save him. She scolds him by saying that why are you walking so fast? I always told you that why are you doing this? He replies that I am alright Anika di. Shivaay gets emotional to see this. Sahil says hi to Om and Rudra. They are coming near to Sahil and do hi-fi with him.

Ishqbaaz 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

They are asking to Sahil that do you know us. He says yes, I recognize you by your long hairs and your builder type body. Om and Rudra are laughing a lot. Sahil looks towards the Shivaay and says that I know everyone here. Shivaay is coming into his room and feels so guilty. He makes a call to Khanna and asks him how they treated Sahil on that day? He replies we were giving  so many chocolates to him. Mr. Khanna calls him langda.

Shivaay scolds him and says that his name is Sahil. After this, he is feeling so guilty and bad too. Here Priyanka is going to meet ACP and his sister by taking some herbal medicines for her. Here Dadi, Om, and Rudra are coming to the Shivaay’s room. They ar making a lot of request to Shivaay to please stop bhabhi because you forced her to do this marriage and now you are doing all this to her. Why?

Here Anika is giving a farewell and emotional speech to Pinky that she is considering them as her family. Tia is getting irritate to see her farewell speech and emotional drama in front of her. After some time, Anika hugs Soumya and then goes out with Sahil. Here Priyanka is getting stuck with ACP. He is hurting Priyanka very badly because his sister is in COMA only because of her. So that he will marry her and then hurt her very badly in every second.

Suddenly, Dadi is coming there and stops Anika by saying that you don’t go anywhere. Anika replies that I will go from here at any cost either I will go today or tomorrow. But you people gave a lot of love to me and thanks for this. Dadi hugs her and gives her best wishes to her. Anika and Sahil are about to go. Shivaay calls her behind.

Ishqbaaz 12th December 2016 Written Episode:

Shivaay asks where are you going now? Anika replies that I am going to my home. Shivaay asks which house? Anika replies my house, we are going to our house. Shivaay says that I sold out your house just to recover my 30 lakhs with profit. Anika is getting shattered and asks why? Why you sold my house? He says that I was doing that just to get my money back. He offers a chance to Anika and Sahil to stay in his home.

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