Ishqbaaz 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Shivaay and Anika are talking to each other about Svetlana. He says that the private investigator told me that he didn’t find out anything clue about her. Even nobody knew about her schooling, college, or anything else. Anika gets shocked and says that it means Svetlana cleared out everything before to come here.

Shivaay says that she is coming here not only to kill me, her motive are something else. She is not our business rival. She is having something else in her mind and her target is this full Oberoi family. Anika says that you don’t worry, I am always with you. Even though, Rudra and Om are also with you. So you just feel strong and takes any of the action carefully. Shivaay says thanks to Anika for showing such a concern to her.

Tia is crying a lot according to her plan. She is going to meet Pinky about her plan. She says to Pinky that I am passing through a lot of pain because I have in a problem because of this children. But when I took an appointment to Doctor, I asked Shivaay to come with me. But he said no. Tia starts to cry a lot.

Ishqbaaz 12th January 2017 Written Update:

After this, Pinky is going to talk to Shivaay in his room where he is spending his time with Anika. Pinky asks him why are you not going with Tia. He replies that I am busy this time. Pinky says that yes right, I am seeing where are you busy now? Read more-> Ishqbaaz 13th January 2017 written updateSuddenly, Tia comes there and she gets shocked to see their moment. Pinky says him that you have to go with her right now because it’s my order.

Here ACP is coming to meet Priyanka and says that I am coming here to meet my wife. Priyanka asks what is this? What are you saying this? He says that I am doing this because I am having a right to torture you. So that’s why I saved you from the goons because nobody else is having any right to torture you. Here Tia calls Anika as “Sadak chaap”. Anika and Tia are getting into a big controversy where Anika says that you got whatever you want from Shivaay then why are you behaving like this.

Anika says that you are pregnant and after that, you are getting such type of cheap thinking. This effect your baby directly for which you are not thinking now. It’s better for you that you will stay with the real father of this baby because nobody will love this baby more than his real father. Anika gets emotional but she scolds Anika for saying all this. After that, Tia is going from there but she is about to falling down. But Anika saves her. Shivaay noticed everything. After this, Shivaay takes Anika inside and starts to apply an ointment on her wound.

Ishqbaaz 12th January 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, Tia is coming in Pinky’s room and starts to create a drama in front of her by crying a lot. She says that Anika is provoking Pinky against Anika by saying that was trying to kill her baby by playing such an evil game with her. Tia cries and says that whenever I am trying to go near to Shivaay, Anika is coming in between us and she makes me apart from my Shivaay. Pinky says that id Anika is doing all this, then today is the last day for her in this house. Tia gets so happy.

Shivaay and Anika are talking to each other about Tia. Anika says that I hate Tia not her baby. Shivaay says that I know you dislike Tia but you cares for her baby, it’s really good to see you that you saved Tia’s baby. Anika says that baby is baby and who will take revenge from a baby, especially when the baby is not coming in between us. Anika added that, it’s really important to have a mother and father both for a baby because if we don’t have parents then we have to fight with this world for a single breath everytime. It’s really difficult to grown up without parents. Shivaay gets emotional to see Anika’s pain.

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