Ishqbaaz 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Shivaay says to Anika to stay in this home till the divorce file will not get process. Anika says that it’s not my question it’s my brother’s matter. He says that I will talk to him, so you don’t worry. He says to Sahil to come inside because he wants to talk to him as man to man. Saahil is getting ready and goes inside with him.

Here Rudra and Om are talking to each other by thinking that what Shivaay is saying to Sahil because he is talking to him as his business meeting. Click here-> Ishqbaaz 14th December 2016 written update

After to go inside, Sahil and Shivaay are talking to each other whereas Shivaay asks him what do you want? He says that I want desi ghee pizza every Sunday. Apart from this, you won’t do fight with my Anika didi because I will never see tears in her eyes. Shivaay thinks I also don’t want to see tears in her eyes. Click here-> Ishqbaaz 12th December 2016 written update. After this, Saahil is saying to him that you will never make me scare by your cat eyes.

Ishqbaaz 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Shivaay says that Anika is doing wrong work, so that I have to scold her very badly. Sahil says that my Anika is a big girl and she can do all work according to her. Sahil says that you will never scold her and you can do anything but stay away from my sister at any cost. Shivaay says that ok you are not a child, your words are so high. Sahil says that ypou are big but you are not big by your words. Shivaay says that I will do whatever you want.

After some time, Shivaay and Sahil are coming outside. Anika says to Sahil to come with her now. Shivaay says that no, he wont’ go anywhere, he will stay here. Anika asks Sahil. He replies that yes didi, we will stay here. Soumya is getting so happy. Sahil is looking towards Soumya very nicely and says that we will stay here with you. Soumya smiles. Rudra says that Sahil is so funny boy, he asks he want want to ask some GK questions to me.

Rudra laughs and says that I am not ready to live thne why are you asking these questions. Om says to Rudra that there is one questions whose answer is not getting by us. Rudra asks which one? Om says that we asked to Shivaay that why he got married to Anika. But we didn’t know that why Anila was getting ready to marry him. We have to get an answer for this question.

Here Shivaay and Anika are talking to each other. Shivaay says that if I knew about Sahil’s physically challenged problem then I never trouble him. Anika says that I was saying you so many times that please don’t involve my brother in this. But that time, you didn’t heard me for a while. You were doing everything according to you. Shivaay is standing silent and thinks that he was doing wrong with Sahil.

Anika says to him that if you will try to trouble her brother or he will try to use him for his evil works then sh will not let him go easily. She will take revenge from him at any cost. Here Priyanka is crying a lot by thinking about the ACP words that he will re-open the case if she won’t marry him. She thinks that what will she do to save herself or her brother OM.

Here Shivaay is saying to Anika that if you are thinking good for her brother then he also wanted to say something. You won’t say anything to anyone about the day when I forced you for getting marry to me. Suddenly, OM ¬†and Rudra are coming there. They are asking the same question about the marriage day. Anika says nothing else.

Ishqbaaz 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Here OM and Rudra are coming in the hall room and also calls all the family members there. Rudra says that we are going to show a video to all people. They are showing that video in which Shivaay blackmailed Anika very badly. Video shows that how Shivaay did a bomb blast and kidnapped Sahil. Sahil is getting shocked to see how Shivaay blackmailed her. Sahil is going near to him and starts to beat Shivaay by using his stick. Sahil is about to beat Shivaay by using his stick on his face, Anika is coming there and stops Sahil by doing this. She saves Shivaay from Sahil. Dadi is going from there. Shivaay is try to talk to her but she is not replying to him.

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